Axi launches Axi Select, a pioneering all-inclusive capital allocation programme offering skilled traders funding of up to $1,000,000 USD

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SYDNEY, Australia, Sept. 18, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Axi a leading global Forex and CFD broker has announced the launch of Axi Select, a groundbreaking capital allocation programme. The programme is specifically crafted to empower traders by offering them a pathway to access capital funding up to $1,000,000 USD and facilitating their progression into professional trading. Setting a new precedent within the industry, Axi Select offers traders the exceptional advantage to join the program with zero registration fees, as well as the opportunity to earn up to 90% of their profits.

Greg Rubin, Head of Axi Select

Greg Rubin, Head of Axi Select

Greg Rubin, Head of Axi Select, says: “Through the introduction of Axi Select, our innovative capital allocation programme, we aim to provide an opportunity for traders to forge long and successful careers, empowering them to realize their lifelong aspirations of becoming professional traders. Our comprehensive programme provides the capital, support, and resources necessary for traders to thrive in the dynamic world of trading. We are committed to fuelling their passion, driving their success, and providing unwavering support as they navigate towards achieving their goals.” The programme offers a range of notable features, including unrestricted trading conditions, the Edge score which allows traders to fine-tune their strategies and enhance their trading performance, and an exclusive trading room which serves as a dedicated hub, offering real-time market updates and curated educational content.


The Axi Select programme is only available to clients of AxiTrader Limited. CFDs carry a high risk of investment loss. This content is not available for AU, NZ, and UK clients. For more information, refer to our Terms of Service. Other Fees may apply.

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Talking about Axi Select, Louis Cooper, Chief Commercial Officer at Axi, says “At Axi, we take pride in being a brand that consistently brings the edge to life for our customers. Our revolutionary new offering, Axi Select, is the first-of-its-kind among brokers and another true reflection of our brand promise. We have previously allocated $39M to traders in previous programmes and enabled several traders break out into pro trading status. With Axi Select, we will deliver unparalleled opportunities to our traders whilst both redefining the boundaries of what’s possible in trading and reshaping the evolution of the financial industry.”

Axi offers a streamlined process to participate in Axi Select – with no signup or membership fees, traders can effortlessly submit their application and start trading. Upon achieving a designated Edge Score, traders can start to secure capital funding of up to $1,000,000 USD.

With Axi Select access funds of up to $1,000,000

With Axi Select access funds of up to $1,000,000


The Axi Select programme is only available to clients of AxiTrader Limited. CFDs carry a high risk of investment loss. This content is not available for AU, NZ, and UK clients. For more information, refer to our Terms of Service. Other Fees may apply.

Click here to watch the Axi Select fireside chat

About Axi

Axi is a global online FX and CFD trading company, trusted by thousands of ambitious customers in 100+ countries around the world. We help all types of traders, trading businesses, banks and financial organizations find the edge they need to achieve their financial goals through informed transactions made on the world’s financial markets. Axi offers a wide range of assets including CFDs for several asset classes including Forex, Shares, Gold, Silver, Oil, Coffee, Indices, and other commodities.

At Axi, we are proud of our reputation as an honest, fair, and trusted broker. Our many awards and ‘Great’ Trustpilot reviews prove we have earned the confidence of customers who value our outstanding service, fast execution, secure payments, segregated funds, and easy withdrawals.

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NADRA Launches National ID System in Somalia

The Prime Minister of Somalia, Hamza Abdi Barre, inaugurated the Somalia National ID on 16 September 2023, during the first National ID conference held by NIRA Somalia in Mogadishu.

The mega event held on International Identity Day was attended by Somalia’s development partners including Pakistan, EU, World Bank Group, UK, USA, Gulf Countries, ID4Africa, diplomats, and UN agencies.

Speaking at the occasion, the Prime Minister of Somalia extended his profound gratitude to the Prime Minister of Pakistan and NADRA for their invaluable support in implementing the Somali National ID system. He also appreciated their generous assistance in capacity building for NIRA Somalia.

Other dignitaries including UN Special Representative of Secretary General Somalia, Catriona Laing, and British Ambassador to Somalia, Mike Nithavrianakis, former HMG’s Deputy High Commissioner to Pakistan appreciated NADRA’s robust systems.

They congratulated the Government of Pakistan and the Government of Somalia on this successful accomplishment for Somalia. The project is part of a multi-million-dollar grant extended by the Government of Pakistan to the brotherly nation of Somalia.

The delivery of National ID enables NIRA and the Ministry of Interior Somalia to implement its mandate in enhancing the country’s governance, security, and socio-economic development by providing citizens of Somalia with a secure and universally recognized form of identification.

The President of Somalia, Hassan M. Sheikh, also extended his deep gratitude to the Government of Pakistan while being enrolled for his National ID amongst other dignitaries of the Somalian Government who were also enrolled in the National ID system as part of the registration drive.

The SNIDS shall facilitate more efficient public service delivery, including social welfare programs, healthcare services, and electoral processes, leading to improved governance.

This system has the potential to streamline the distribution of humanitarian aid, ensuring it reaches those who need it most promptly. The identity system shall also promote financial inclusion in Somalia by enabling citizens to access banking and financial services easily, fostering economic growth.

Chairman NADRA, Asad Rehman Gilani, while sending his message to his counterpart in Somalia said, “NADRA takes immense pride in the successful execution and launch of Somalia’s National Identification System, a testament to the power of collaboration and innovation. This achievement reinforces Pakistan’s vision for a more secure and prosperous Somalia, where every citizen has access to reliable identification.”

He added, “The National ID System will not only bolster security but also pave the way for inclusive development, financial empowerment, and improved governance. It is a shining example of NADRA’s commitment to excellence and our dedication to our global partners.”

Gilani said that the delivery of Somalia’s National ID complimented the Government of Pakistan’s ‘Look Africa’ policy where NADRA had been playing a pivotal role in providing secure identity and passport solutions under the transfer of technology to various governments in Africa including Kenya, Sudan, and Nigeria that held the largest ID database of over 100 million identities in Africa.

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Paklaunch UnConference to Be Held in London This Week

Paklaunch, a global platform dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the Pakistani startup ecosystem, will hold the highly-anticipated Paklaunch Unconference event, set to take place in London at Lincoln’s Inn on September 20-21, 2023.

This exclusive gathering will bring together the best of Pakistani startups and the brightest minds in the investment world, redefining the concept of traditional investment conferences. The event will be attended by the top 50 Pakistani entrepreneurs who are specially flying in for this occasion, offering them a unique opportunity to connect with global investors.

What Makes Paklaunch Unconference Exceptional?

At Paklaunch Unconference, every attendee is a participant, and there are no spectators. This immersive approach ensures meaningful interactions and the fostering of genuine connections.

Expect to find the highest density of Pakistani tech startup talent in one room, guaranteeing high-quality engagements and networking opportunities.

Despite challenges, this is why Pakistani Startups Are The Next Big Opportunity

600,000+ IT Professionals

17,000+ SECP Registered IT Companies

25,000+ IT Graduates Annually

231 HEC recognised Universities

5th largest market by population

10,000+ IT and ITes Companies Registered with SECP

500,000+ English-speaking IT and BPO Professionals

85 percent of Telecommunication Infrastructure on Fiber

127 million Broadband Penetration Over 40.95 percent

120+ Country Export, Top 5 Export Locations of Pakistan: USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Canada

3rd Most Popular Country for Freelancing

16 Software Technology Parks

Paklaunch Unconference will feature an impressive lineup of international and Pakistan-focused investors, including Sturgeon Capital, Speedinvest, British International Investment, Gate Foundation, VentureSouq, Conjunction Capital, Antler, Zayn, LVC, i2i, and prominent founders such as Bazaar Technologies, Abhi, and Gaditek.

Paklaunch: A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Paklaunch (PL) was founded by Aly Fahd in San Francisco, CA, on 29 April 2020, as a single WhatsApp group with seven friends. Since its inception, Paklaunch has grown into a 320K+ strong global community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors. The community’s mission is to accelerate startup growth by providing world-class training, tools, and access to resources and global funding.

Over the last 18 months, PL has successfully conducted four major tech events, 300+ virtual and physical events, raised 80m USD in capital supporting over 80 startups, and is now poised to bring the best of Pakistani tech talent to London to introduce them to global investors and foster lifelong friendships. With a thriving community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, Paklaunch is driving positive change and making a significant impact on the Pakistani startup landscape.

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Rs. 13 Crore Recovered From Dead Electricity Defaulters

In an intensive 5-day recovery campaign, the Lahore Electric Supply Company (LESCO) has successfully collected a total of Rs. 130.67 million from 4,808 deceased defaulters across all its operational circles. This achievement comes as LESCO partnered with Tehsildars (Recovery) to tackle the long-standing issue of outstanding dues.

The campaign, which commenced on September 13, saw the Lahore Division’s Commissioner assigning additional responsibilities to Tehsildar Recovery, who collaborated closely with LESCO’s CEO, Engineer Shahid Haidar, and designated four senior officers to facilitate the recovery process.

Chief Engineer OandM (TandG) Zafar Iqbal, along with Tehsildar City Mujahid Zia and Tehsildar Shalimar Noreez Humayun, recovered outstanding dues of Rs. 16.67 million from 493 defaulters in the Northern Circle, while Rs. 19.38 million was collected from 714 defaulters in the Eastern Circle. LESCO Manager (Material Disposal) Engineer Anwar Wattoo, aided by Tehsildar Model Town Rana Arsal and Tehsildar Cantt Sajjad Qureshi, retrieved Rs. 21.54 million from 520 defaulters in the Central Circle and Rs. 14.38 million from 430 defaulters in the South Circle.

Manager (Technical) Engineer Muhammad Farooq, with the support of Tehsildar Nankana Sahib Muhammad Iqbal Rasheed and Tehsildar Sheikhupura Muhammad Aslam Gujjar, secured Rs. 5.26 million from 305 defaulters in Nankana Circle and Rs. 16.34 million from 590 defaulters in Sheikhupura Circle. Additionally, LESCO Manager EandS (PMU) Engineer Abbas Ali collaborated with Naib Tehsildar Kasur and Okara Mirza Zahid Baig to recover outstanding dues of Rs. 9.61 million from 630 defaulters in Okara Circle and Rs. 27.49 million from 1,126 defaulters in Kasur Circle.

On the fifth day of the campaign, LESCO, in partnership with Tehsildars (Recovery), reclaimed Rs. 19.75 million from 576 deceased defaulters across its various operational circles.

LESCO CEO emphasized the importance of these efforts, citing the significant losses the company incurred due to dead defaulters. The top 100 defaulters in each circle collectively owed LESCO a staggering Rs. 4.545 billion in outstanding dues.

In a related development, LESCO’s Burj Attari Sub-Division apprehended Arshad Khokhar for stealing electricity directly from the transmission line to power a tube-well. The inspection team promptly disconnected his power supply, leading to his arrest by local authorities. Arshad Khokhar, who also appeared in LESCO’s dead defaulter records, owed outstanding dues of Rs. 850,000 to the company and was charged Rs. 1.4 million as a detection bill.

LESCO’s ongoing operations against electricity theft have been yielding results, with over 4,451 connections identified as pilfering electricity during an 11-day initiative across all operational circles. Of these, 3,845 cases led to FIR applications, 2,730 FIRs were registered, and 224 accused were arrested. Electricity thieves were collectively charged with 9,622,164 detection units, amounting to Rs. 409.452 million.

The CEO vowed to continue these anti-power theft operations relentlessly, ensuring that both electricity pilferers and any complicit LESCO officers or employees are brought to justice. On the 11th day, LESCO discovered 755 connections involved in electricity theft and submitted FIR applications against 504 electricity thieves, with 222 FIRs registered and 34 individuals arrested. Notably, large agricultural and commercial consumers were also found engaged in electricity theft, resulting in their disconnection and significant detection bill charges.

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Investor Claims ITCN Asia Has Generated $110 Million in Contracts for Pakistan

Leading Pakistani tech entrepreneur, investor and mentor to various information technology startups, Noman Said has claimed that ITCN Asia 2023 held in Karachi a couple of weeks ago has generated upwards of $110 million in exports and services contracts for Pakistan.

ITCN Asia 2023 in Karachi is a huge achievement for Pakistan in purely financial and economic terms as well and more such exhibitions of international significance and relevance in IT and ITeS are on the cards, said an official press release.

Noman Said informed that the trade economists who attended the ITCN Asia 2023 and the then provincial caretaker finance minister, Younus Dagha, agreed that Pakistan’s potential for IT and IT-enabled services exports in the near-term of less than 1 year is $5 billion; in the short-term of 1 – 3 years is $10 billion and in the medium-term of 3 – 5 years is $15 billion.

He added that Pakistan can create 500,000 new jobs for the age bracket of 18 – 35 years within 3 years; provided special technology zones authority (STZA) is aggressively activated; SBP and FBR are enabled to facilitate tech and IT industry; SECP and PSEB encourage IT companies to register and operate their businesses and export drives as per international best practices and national and provincial IT boards divert their endeavors towards meeting domestic and international demand.

Noman Said opined that Pakistan should target $25 billion in IT exports by FY2030 by producing 100,000 quality graduates in IT and its allied fields every year in consultation with the IT companies as these companies are the real stakeholders of the IT industry – and, they can assist the federal and provincial governments in formulating and implementing the required curriculum and programs by means of identifying their HR needs, gaps and projections.

Additionally, the same number of students can be trained annually in various IT verticals, certifications, continuing education, emerging technologies and different niches within the tech sphere.

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Lucky Cement to Install Rs. 11 Billion Solar, Wind Projects to Enhance Renewable Energy Mix

The Board of Directors of Lucky Cement Limited (PSX: LUCK) has approved to undertake a 28.8 MW captive wind power project at its Karachi plant, the company informed the Pakistan Stock Exchange on Monday.

The project is expected to be completed by the end of FY 2024. Moreover, the Board has also approved to undertake solar power projects, of 6.3 MW and 2.5 MW at the Company’s Karachi and Pezu plants respectively, which are expected to be completed by Q3 of FY 2024.

These solar power projects are in addition to the 25 MW and 34 MW solar power projects commissioned recently at Karachi and Pezu plants respectively, as per the filing.

The estimated cost of these upcoming projects is Rs. 11 billion. The filing said the contribution of renewable energy projects in its power mix will significantly increase after the completion of the above-mentioned projects.

According to Topline Securities, a significant portion will be financed through equity as the company currently holds Rs. 26 billion in cash and cash equivalents as of June 2023.

The Company’s initiatives for investment in renewable energy projects will play a key role in cost savings as well as the reduction of the country’s reliance on imported fuel.

LUCK’s BoD has also authorized the Company to evaluate participation in the equity of Lucky Core Ventures (LCV), along with other companies of the Yunus Brothers Group.

LCV is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lucky Core Industries Limited, a subsidiary of the Company, and has been set up to act as a holding company in respect of future growth projects of LCI. LCV has recently, on May 2, 2023, published a Public Announcement of Intention (PAI) to acquire approximately 75.01 percent shareholding of Lotte Chemical Pakistan Limited (PSX: LOTCHEM). This deal is still pending.

The Company’s participation in the equity of LCV is subject to completion of satisfactory due diligence and obtaining applicable regulatory and Board approvals.

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