Paklaunch UnConference to Be Held in London This Week

Paklaunch, a global platform dedicated to fostering innovation and entrepreneurship within the Pakistani startup ecosystem, will hold the highly-anticipated Paklaunch Unconference event, set to take place in London at Lincoln’s Inn on September 20-21, 2023.

This exclusive gathering will bring together the best of Pakistani startups and the brightest minds in the investment world, redefining the concept of traditional investment conferences. The event will be attended by the top 50 Pakistani entrepreneurs who are specially flying in for this occasion, offering them a unique opportunity to connect with global investors.

What Makes Paklaunch Unconference Exceptional?

At Paklaunch Unconference, every attendee is a participant, and there are no spectators. This immersive approach ensures meaningful interactions and the fostering of genuine connections.

Expect to find the highest density of Pakistani tech startup talent in one room, guaranteeing high-quality engagements and networking opportunities.

Despite challenges, this is why Pakistani Startups Are The Next Big Opportunity

600,000+ IT Professionals

17,000+ SECP Registered IT Companies

25,000+ IT Graduates Annually

231 HEC recognised Universities

5th largest market by population

10,000+ IT and ITes Companies Registered with SECP

500,000+ English-speaking IT and BPO Professionals

85 percent of Telecommunication Infrastructure on Fiber

127 million Broadband Penetration Over 40.95 percent

120+ Country Export, Top 5 Export Locations of Pakistan: USA, UK, UAE, Singapore, Canada

3rd Most Popular Country for Freelancing

16 Software Technology Parks

Paklaunch Unconference will feature an impressive lineup of international and Pakistan-focused investors, including Sturgeon Capital, Speedinvest, British International Investment, Gate Foundation, VentureSouq, Conjunction Capital, Antler, Zayn, LVC, i2i, and prominent founders such as Bazaar Technologies, Abhi, and Gaditek.

Paklaunch: A Journey of Growth and Collaboration

Paklaunch (PL) was founded by Aly Fahd in San Francisco, CA, on 29 April 2020, as a single WhatsApp group with seven friends. Since its inception, Paklaunch has grown into a 320K+ strong global community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors. The community’s mission is to accelerate startup growth by providing world-class training, tools, and access to resources and global funding.

Over the last 18 months, PL has successfully conducted four major tech events, 300+ virtual and physical events, raised 80m USD in capital supporting over 80 startups, and is now poised to bring the best of Pakistani tech talent to London to introduce them to global investors and foster lifelong friendships. With a thriving community of entrepreneurs, professionals, and investors, Paklaunch is driving positive change and making a significant impact on the Pakistani startup landscape.

Source: Pro Pakistani