• ساني دلوئې ايکسکيويټر لپاره دمصنوعاتو نوي قسمونه متعارف کړل

    بيجنګ،٢٧مه مئ،٢٠٢٠ پي ار نيوز وائر—ساني) کمپني(چې  دتعميراتو او درنګ کنستو دالاتو جوړولو يوه نړيواله اداره ده، په چين کښې ئې  ساني کنشان انډسټريل پارک کښې SY870H of 78.6 tons, SY980H of 95.8 tons and SY1250H of 125 tons  دلوئې ايکسکيويټر جوړولو لپاره دمصنوعاتو جوړولو اؤ سيوا کولو اعلان کړيدے، دساني ددې نوؤ مشينونو جوړولو […]

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  • World Body working alongside IMF, World Bank against COVID-19: Antonio

    The United Nations has called for multilateral efforts not only to fight COVID-19 outbreak but also to mitigate economic blow that developing countries face. Speaking at a joint briefing in New York the Secretary General Antonio Guterres and President of General Assembly Tijjani Muhammad-Bande said solidarity is the first line of defence” against the COVID-19…

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  • Hafeez Shaikh briefed on LSM liquidity issues

    A delegation of Nishat Group called on Adviser to the Prime Minister on Finance and Revenue Dr Abdul Hafeez Shaikh to apprise him of the damage done by COVID-19 related economic downturn to large-scale manufacturers. It was shared by the delegation that owing to Corona pandemic induced demand compression, size of balance sheets of large…

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  • Govt striving for promotion of fisheries in Balochistan

    The provincial Government is striving for promotion of fisheries sector to meet the growing demand of white meat and earn foreign exchange for the country. The official sources told Radio Pakistan Quetta during an interview that for this 150 million rupees have been allocated in the budget for master planning of coastal strip of Balochistan….

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  • NDMA activates hotline for registering, resolving complaints on locusts

    National Disaster Management Authority has activated a hotline 051-111-222-999 for registering and resolving locusts related complaints. A spokesman of NDMA said in a statement that the aggrieved farmers can register their complaints about the existence of locusts in their respective areas or need of spray on the hotline for 24 hours.   Source: Radio Pakistan

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  • IRSA releases 258,400 cusecs water from various rim stations

    Indus River System Authority today released 258,400 cusecs water from various rim stations with an inflow of 249,100 cusecs. According to the data released by IRSA, water level in the Indus River at Tarbela Dam was 1441.85 feet, which was 55.85 feet higher than its dead level 1386 feet. Water inflow in the dam was…

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