Pakistan Takes Effective Measures To Jump-Start Stagnant Economy: Minister

Pakistan’s caretaker Minister for Finance, Shamshad Akhtar, said, the country has taken measures to jump-start the national economy amid challenges.

The caretaker government adopted a holistic approach to developing a roadmap to augment macroeconomic management in reviving economy, the minister said at a press conference.

Fiscal stability and fiscal coordination with monetary policy, as well as, external policy are being reinforced, which is the anchor of macroeconomic management, Akhtar said.

The minister said that, efforts are also being made to enhance the social safety net, during the period when structural reforms are being implemented.

“We would try to enhance the social safety net and more importantly, financial inclusion would be expedited, so that small- and medium-sized enterprises, agriculture sectors and citizens get opportunities for financial empowerment through digitisation,” she added.

Commenting on the rising inflation in the country, she said, there is a need to promote industrialisation and maintain a regular supply chain to rein in inflation and enhance exports

Source: Nam News Network

Wasim Akram Gives Important Advice to Pakistan’s Young Pace Trio

Wasim Akram has advised Pakistani pacers to develop their skills for Test cricket by participating in First Class cricket while he acknowledged the potential in Shaheen Shah Afridi, Naseem Shah, and Haris Rauf.

In an exclusive podcast with ProPakistani, the legendary Wasim Akram, known as the Sultan of Swing, has shared valuable insights and advice for Pakistan’s budding pace bowlers. Wasim Akram, who himself dazzled the cricketing world with his exceptional skills, acknowledged the brilliance of Pakistan’s young pace attack, including Shaheen Afridi, Naseem Shah, and Haris Rauf.

While praising these young talents and drawing parallels to the great bowlers of his era, Wasim Akram pointed out a weak spot for the young bowlers to work on. He emphasized the importance of honing their skills in Test cricket alongside performing in the white-ball formats. The former pacer urged the young bowling trio to enhance their strength and readiness for the longest format of the game by playing First-Class cricket and participating in domestic tournaments consistently.

Specifically, Wasim Akram highlighted the case of Haris Rauf, who has struggled in Test cricket. He advised Haris Rauf to prioritize improving his fitness for the demanding challenges of Test cricket, while he approved his potential of overcoming his issues as he has shown exceptional skills in bowling 10-over spells.

Wasim Akram’s words serve as a guiding light for Pakistan’s emerging fast bowlers, encouraging them to become greats in the world of Test cricket.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Wasim Akram Opens Up on his ‘Rivalry’ with Waqar Younis

Wasim Akram has termed his tussle with Waqar Younis from their playing days as a ‘healthy competition’ while he admitted that bad blood was present between the two pacers in the old times.

In an exclusive interview with ProPakistani, cricket legend Wasim Akram recently shed light on his once-famous rivalry with fellow pace bowler Waqar Younis. Wasim Akram revealed that the fierce competition to outdo each other in terms of wicket-taking was, in fact, a healthy rivalry that benefited both players and the Pakistani cricket team as a whole.

The former pacer emphasized that, despite their rivalry on the field, jealousy never crept into their sportsmanship. Instead, they helped each other on the field in terms of bowling strategy which contributed significantly to their shared success in international cricket.

Acknowledging that they were both young and carried their fair share of egos at the time, Wasim Akram confessed that personal differences did exist between the two. However, he reassured that such matters have long been put behind them.

Over the years, the legendary duo has not only buried their differences but also forged a strong bond that extends beyond the cricketing arena.

Source: Pro Pakistani

From Chacha to Iftimania: Iftikhar Ahmed’s Unconventional Route to Stardom

Iftikhar Ahmed has recently reemerged as a new sensation in Pakistan cricket, but his path to stardom has been anything but conventional. Celebrating his 33rd birthday recently, Iftikhar’s fiery batting and game-changing innings have rewritten the narrative of his cricketing career, redefining him from ‘Chacha’ to ‘Iftimania.’

The Unknown Beginnings

Iftikhar Ahmed’s journey began quietly in 2016 when he was unable to show the spark of his all-round skills. His early career remained in the shadows, largely due to the formidable presence of middle-order stalwarts like Shoaib Malik and Mohammad Hafeez in the team.

Although Iftikhar could not shine in the initial games of his career, these cricketing titans left little room for him to redeem himself on a global stage.

Iftikhar Ahmed’s journey in 2016 was marked by limited appearances and modest contributions. During that year, he featured in just two matches, managing a mere 8 runs. While he had the skills, the opportunities to flourish were few and far between and he was soon washed away in the stream of talent.

Rising from the Ashes

While many wrote him off as yet another botched project, who was gone to never come back, Iftikhar Ahmed did not give up his fight.

His consistent performances in the domestic circuit saw him get another chance years after his debut. Pakistan’s fervent fans, accustomed to the exuberance of youth, were initially hesitant to embrace a 30-year-old newcomer into the fold. As a result, he received the rather unflattering title of ‘Chacha’ mocking his age. It seemed as though the sands of time had already run out for this late bloomer.

Redefining ‘Chacha’ to ‘Iftimania’

Despite criticism and mockery, Iftikhar Ahmed seized his moment to rewrite his cricketing destiny. The year 2023 marked the turning point in his career, as he transformed from ‘Chacha’ to ‘Iftimania,’ a moniker coined during the Bangladesh Premier League.

It was in this T20 tournament that he announced his arrival with a resounding bang, smashing his maiden T20 hundred, and from that moment onward, there was no looking back.

The fans, once skeptical of this seasoned player, were electrified by his extraordinary exploits. Whether it was his thunderous sixes during an exhibition match in Quetta or his game-changing heroics against South Africa in the T20 World Cup 2023 held in Australia, Iftikhar Ahmed proved his mettle time and again, silencing his critics with his destructive batting prowess.

The fire of ‘Iftimania’ swiftly engulfed the hearts of thousands of cricket enthusiasts, making it a symbol of relentless and ruthless batting.

With the ongoing Asia Cup where Iftikhar Ahmed serves as the main middle-order batter for Pakistan, 2023 is currently seeing the best of his ODI form.

In this pivotal year, he participated in seven matches, leaving an indelible mark with a total of 278 runs, including a spectacular unbeaten century in the Asia Cup recently, where he reached a career-best 109*. With this, his batting average skyrocketed to an impressive 92.66, reflecting a newfound consistency and reliability with the bat.

Notably, he not only registered his maiden ODI century but also showcased his prowess with the ball by claiming an astonishing 27 wickets in the season. This evolution from a peripheral figure in 2016 to a pivotal contributor to Pakistan’s ODI team in 2023 highlights Iftikhar’s growing stature on the international cricketing stage, finally.

Iftikhar’s journey is a testament to the power of resilience and determination. From being dismissed as a spent force to becoming one of Pakistan’s key middle-order batters heading into the ODI World Cup 2023, he has etched his name in the history of Pakistan cricket.

His transformation from obscurity to ‘Iftimania’ is a lesson in never giving up on one’s dreams and proving that age is merely a number when talent and tenacity combine to create magic on the field. Iftikhar Ahmed, the ‘Chacha’ turned ‘Iftimania,’ is a cricketing tale for the ages, a testament to the unwavering spirit of the game and those who play it with heart and soul.

Source: Pro Pakistani

Caretaker Balochistan CM orders strict action against hoarding, smuggling

Caretaker Chief Minister Balochistan Mir Ali Mardan Khan Domki has directed concerned officials to take stern action against elements involved in smuggling and hoarding across the province.

According to a hand-out, he directed to take effective action against smuggling of sugar.

The Chief Minister also directed to make functional all price control Committees to take action against profiteers.

Source: Radio Pakistan

Caretaker Punjab CM summons provincial Cabinet’s meeting on Monday

Punjab Caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi has summoned the 25th meeting of the Punjab cabinet in Multan tomorrow.

The cabinet meeting will be held at South Punjab Secretariat.

Important matters relating to the province and agenda items of different departments will be reviewed in the meeting.

Provincial ministers, advisers, chief secretary, inspector general of police and officials concerned will participate in the meeting.

Cabinet members, advisors, Chief Secretary, IG Punjab Police and other relevant officials will attend the meeting.

Source: Radio Pakistan