Pakistani UN peacekeeper martyred in Congo: ISPR


A Pakistani peacekeeper Havaldar Babar Siddique has embraced martyrdom in the line of duty on UN Peace Keeping Mission in Democratic Republic of Congo.

According to ISPR, six armed assailants from Bunyamalange Armed Group approached Permanent Operation Base Minibwe, Congo in disguise to surrender their weapons as part of UN initiative.

Havildar Babar Siddique was performing the duties of Guard Commander at entry point for registering proclaimed surrenders.

The leading assailant started discriminate firing on check post resultantly, Havaldar Babar received a gunshot on his head.  Pakistan Army troops responded immediately. Havaldar Babar was evacuated to nearest Pakistan Army medical Aid Post but he could not survive.

Pakistan has always played a pivotal role as responsible member of the international community to help realize ideals of global peace and security through active support in various UN Peacekeeping missions.

Our Peacekeepers have always distinguished themselves in executing challenging peacekeeping tasks in conflict torn areas through devotion and, if necessary, rendering supreme sacrifices.

So far 171 Pakistan peacekeepers have laid down their lives during various UN missions for international peace and security.

Source: Radio Pakistan