Water Supply Equipment Stolen From Lahore High Court Bench

The water supply system and motor turbine of the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench were stolen despite being under the watch of security guards. According to an FIR filed with the Morgah police, the theft involved two tube wells located on the bank of the Soan River near the Hamrahi bus stand. These tube wells are essential for providing water to the Lahore High Court Rawalpindi Bench. Tube well operator Ali Abbas Chatta detailed the events leading up to the discovery of the theft. On May 11, he completed his duty, and at that time, the tube-well was fully operational. The next day, May 12, was a Sunday and a holiday, during which the site was presumably left unattended. When Chatta returned to work on May 13, he was shocked to find that several vital components had been stolen. The stolen items included a turbine motor, motor foundation, panel boxes, a ten-foot motor pipe, tube well grill, angle iron door, window, 20 meters of copper conductor cable, chairs, valve, and pipe. The police have registered a case and commenced an investigation to identify the perpetrators and recover the stolen items. In response to inquiries, the police confirmed that the water supply to the High Court was temporarily suspended following the theft. They also mentioned that there was a supervision and maintenance watchman appointed by the Public Works Department (PWD) on behalf of the project director. This watchman was responsible for overseeing the site and ensuring its security. Authorities are urging anyone with information related to the theft to come forward to aid in the investigation. The community and officials alike are hopeful that the culprits will be swiftly apprehended and that measures will be taken to enhance the security of essential public facilities. Source: Pro Pakistani