Naila Kiani Acheieves History by Becoming First Pakistani Women to Conquer 11 8000m+ Peaks

In a historic feat, Pakistani mountaineer Naia Kiani has etched her name in the annals of climbing glory. Kiani, with unwavering determination, reached the summit of Mount Makalu, adding a significant milestone to her illustrious journey. Her triumph on Mount Makalu not only marks a personal achievement but also sets a new benchmark in mountaineering records. Remarkably, Kiani now stands as Pakistan's pioneering female mountaineer to conquer an impressive 11 peaks towering above 8,000 meters. In an awe-inspiring display of skill and resilience, Kiani reached the summit of Mount Makalu at 8:50 AM, according to Pakistani time, joining the ranks of elite climbers. This remarkable achievement places Kiani among the select few who have scaled 11 of the world's highest peaks, a testament to her unparalleled dedication and passion for mountaineering. Kiani has solidified her position as one of the most talented climbers of our time. Her impressive feats also include scaling legendary Mount Everest, the challen ging K2, the commanding Lhotse, the perilous Annapurna, and the elusive G1 and G2 among many others. Source: Pro Pakistani

Epic Comeback as Pakistan Defeat Malaysia in Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Cup 2024

Pakistan orchestrated a remarkable turnaround in their Sultan Azlan Shah Hockey Cup 2024 opener against reigning champions Malaysia. Despite trailing 3-1 at a juncture, Pakistan rallied back to clinch a thrilling 5-4 victory. The match reached its climax with a nail-biting finale, culminating in Pakistan's decisive goal via a last-minute penalty stroke. After taking an early lead, Pakistan conceded three goals which put Malaysia in the driving seat. Pakistan's spirited fightback led them to equalize in the dying embers of the game and with just a minute to spare, the Men in Green turned around the game with a sensational comeback. Sufyan Khan emerged as the hero of the match, delivering a stellar performance with a stunning hattrick. Additionally, contributions from Abu Mahmood and Zikriya Hayat, who scored one goal each, further bolstered Pakistan's spirited comeback. This sensational victory not only marks a significant triumph for Pakistan but also serves as a testament to their resilience and determ ination on the hockey field. With this momentum-boosting win under their belt, Pakistan aims to carry forward their winning momentum as they progress further in the tournament. Source: Pro Pakistani

PSL 10: Pakistan Super League Set to Take on IPL in New Proposed Schedule

The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has shaken up the cricketing calendar by announcing a shift in the Pakistan Super League (PSL) schedule. Traditionally held in February-March, PSL 10 will now take place from 7th April to 20th May 2025, which coincides with the Indian Premier League (IPL). This alteration stems from the upcoming Champions Trophy 2025, set to be hosted in Pakistan during the previous timeframe. This rescheduling sets the stage for an intriguing clash, as PSL will now be held at the same time as the Indian Premier League (IPL). This is the first time that another franchise league will be held alongside the IPL, which is the biggest league in the world. The PSL 2025's matches are slated to unfold across Karachi, Lahore, Rawalpindi, and Multan, with venues such as Peshawar and Quetta being held back for yet another season. Beyond mere date adjustments, the PCB is trying to inject fresh vigor into PSL 2025. They're exploring innovative ideas aimed at intensifying competition and expanding the fan base, with ideas such as power surge, as seen in the BBL, and impact player, as seen in the IPL being discussed. However, no such idea has been confirmed yet. Additionally, the PCB is also contemplating hosting the playoffs at a neutral venue, which has raised some question marks in the cricketing fraternity. Is it a good decision to host PSL alongside IPL? What do you think? Source: Pro Pakistani

Here’s the Official Schedule for Women’s T20 World Cup 2024

The International Cricket Council (ICC) has revealed the schedule for the upcoming ninth edition of the Women's T20 World Cup, scheduled to be held in Bangladesh this October. The tournament is slated to commence on 3 October with England taking on South Africa. Group A features Australia, along with tough competition from India, New Zealand, Pakistan, and a team yet to secure qualification. In Group B, South Africa and England will face off against West Indies, Bangladesh (the host nation), and another yet-to-qualify team. The highly-anticipated clash between arch-rivals Pakistan and India will be held on 6 October in Sylhet. Each participating team will engage in four group stage matches. Following the group stage, the top two teams from each group will advance to the semi-finals, scheduled for October 17th and 18th, with the championship match set to electrify Dhaka on October 20th. The tournament spans 19 days, hosting a total of 23 matches across Dhaka and Sylhet. Contingency plans include reserve days for the crucial semi-final and final fixtures, ensuring a seamless competition experience. Here is the complete schedule: Group Fixture Date Venue B England vs South Africa 3 Oct Dhaka B Bangladesh vs Qualifier 2 3 Oct Dhaka A Australia vs Qualifier 1 4 Oct Sylhet A India vs New Zealand 4 Oct Sylhet B South Africa vs West Indies 5 Oct Dhaka B Bangladesh vs England 5 Oct Dhaka A New Zealand vs Qualifier 1 6 Oct Sylhet A Pakistan vs India 6 Oct Sylhet B West Indies vs Qualifier 2 7 Oct Dhaka A Pakistan vs Australia 8 Oct Sylhet B Bangladesh vs West Indies 9 Oct Dhaka A India vs Qualifier 1 9 Oct Sylhet B South Africa vs Qualifier 2 10 Oct Dhaka A Australia vs New Zealand 11 Oct Sylhet A Pakistan vs Qualifier 1 11 Oct Sylhet B England vs West Indies 12 Oct Dhaka B Bangladesh vs South Africa 12 Oct Dhaka A Pakistan vs New Zealand 13 Oct Sylhet A India vs Australia 13 Oct Sylhet B England vs Qualifier 2 14 Oct Dhaka - 1st Semi-Final 17 Oct Sylhet - 2nd Semi-Final 18 Oct Dhaka - Final 20 Oct Dhaka Source: Pro Pakistani

SIFC focusing on development of Yak farming in country

Special Investment Facilitation Council, besides other steps to boost country's economy, has been focusing on development of Yak farming in the country which plays pivotal role in Livestock. Yak is an animal, which belongs to bovine specie and exists the Himalayan mountain including Gilgit Baltistan region of Pakistan and also in Nepal, Tajikistan and Mongolia. These cattle can survive in extremely cold regions. Currently, eighteen thousand Yak are available in Pakistan, which could be used not only for attaining self-sufficiency, but also the export potential can be increased by improving its protection and breeding. High quality meat, milk and other ingredients could be provided to the market due to proper protection of Yak farming. It will also not only benefit the local people, but also improve Pakistan's economy through increasing its exports Source: Radio Pakistan

Sindh Government Under Fire as Paper Leak Incidents Continue

The Sindh government faces criticism for its apparent lack of effective measures to combat cheating and paper leaks, as multiple incidents were reported across the province. In Kandiaro, the Chemistry paper for class 10th was leaked at various examination centers, including Boys High School and Girls High School. Students resorted to using their cellphones to access the leaked paper via WhatsApp, while authorities remained passive, refusing media access to exam centers. Similarly, in Larkana, the Biology paper for class 9th was leaked before the exam began. Despite bans on cell phones, students brought them to exam halls and swiftly completed the paper with WhatsApp assistance, undermining the efforts claimed by the Larkana Education Board to curb cheating. In Khairpur, the cheating mafia operated with impunity, facilitating students in solving Physics papers for both class ninth and tenth. Even invigilators reportedly aided students in the cheating process. A surprise visit by the Sukkur Board chairman t o examination centers proved futile, as confiscated cell phones were returned to students once he left. These incidents underscore the failure of authorities to address the pervasive issue of cheating in Sindh's education system. Source: Pro Pakistani