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Pakistan Players Reportedly Unhappy With Mohammad Hafeez’s Strict Regulations on Australia Tour

Players from the Pakistan cricket team have expressed their dissatisfaction with the strict regulations implemented by National Team Director Mohammad Hafeez during their current tour in Australia. The recently introduced Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) have sparked considerable debate and concern among the team members. According to the reports, Hafeez has implemented stringent regulations, enforcing a zero-tolerance approach towards inactivity. This includes a substantial $500 penalty for players caught sleeping during the match or showing signs of disinterest. These measures aim to foster professionalism and focus. However, they have stirred discontent among some players, who compare the harshness of these rules to the strict protocols typically associated with Under-16 teams. In response to these concerns, Hafeez has defended the SOPs, highlighting the importance of the current tour and the necessity to maintain exceptional standards. He has encouraged the players to remain active and engaged, particularly in public areas, to avoid any appearance of lack of interest or energy.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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