Trade with Afghanistan to be in Pakistani Rupees: Finance Minister

Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue Shaukat Tarin has announced that the bilateral trade between Pakistan and Afghanistan will be carried out in Pakistani rupees.

In a meeting of the Senate Committee on Finance on Thursday, Tarin said Afghanistan was susceptible to massive damage to its dwindling currency in the wake of the foreign monetary organizations’ decision to withhold the country’s $9 billion in financial assets.

Tarin remarked that the financial situation of Afghanistan was being monitored on a daily basis. He said that skilled manpower could also be sent to run various affairs in the country.

Meanwhile, separately, Senior Vice President Sarhad Chamber of Commerce Shahid Hussain said that the bilateral trade in Pakistani rupees will benefit Pakistan’s economy. He added that the shortage of dollars in Afghanistan was a matter of concern. He urged the Government of Pakistan and the Afghan administration to ensure making it easier for traders on both sides of the border to do business.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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