SAP Transforms Pakistan’s Public Enterprises Through Digitalization

Saquib Ahmad, Managing Director, SAP Pakistan, Iraq, and Afghanistan, interacted with the media at a local hotel in Islamabad today.

The media meetup highlighted the collaborative efforts of SAP and the Government of Pakistan in transforming public sector enterprises and departments for an effective digital transformation that enables efficient service delivery for the masses.

Saquib was accompanied by Haroon Khan, Director Public Sector, SAP Pakistan, and Fahad Zahid, Director, Large Enterprise, SAP Pakistan.

Saquib highlighted that the collaboration with SAP has made the AGPR office tech-effective and time-efficient. This system also extends to the SBP’s Micro Payment Gateway, RAAST, enabling unified disbursements of payments to vendors, contractors, and pensioners.

Leveraging SAP software, the AGPR office has fully automated and integrated processes, allowing for automated pension disbursements to 1.2 million pensioners. He added that all these efforts align with SAP’s vision to help the world run better and improve people’s lives.

While answering questions about transforming Public Sector Enterprises (PSEs), Saquib informed the media that the Ministry of Finance & Revenue, all leading Power Distribution Companies (DISCOs), Pakistan Railways, the Higher Education Commission (HEC), and many other organizations are relying on SAP solutions in improving efficacy and efficiency of service delivery for the masses.

He mentioned that Pakistan Railways is transforming through automation and digitalization with the introduction of technology. He appreciated Pakistan Railways’ management in efficiently implementing the solution.

He emphasized the valuable contribution of SAP in assisting the Ministry of Finance and Revenue in their budget-making process and the disbursement of funds to different ministries and departments.

SAP has established customer trust by facilitating these important financial operations on its platforms.

In response to another question, Saquib said that SAP Pakistan is working on a project to provide free training to students and professionals in the country.

In this regard, training is being provided to young students and professionals through the Young Professionals Program (YPP) through the partners of SAP.

Beneficiaries of this program get hands-on training and easily get employment in world-renowned organizations.

He said that in the same way, the Academy Graduate Program (AGP) is SAP’s flagship program, under which forty graduates from Pakistan’s top universities are selected and sent to Silicon Valley in the United States for training, which is a great achievement for Pakistani talent to be trained in the US.

Regarding the ban on opening Letter of Credits (LCs) for imports, Saquib said the government’s ban on LCs affects SAP’s growth.

He added that the companies working in the private sector are facing difficulties due to the economic and financial crisis.

Saquib said that everyone is waiting for positive news from the IMF and hoped that the uncertainty would soon vanish and the country would soon reach economic stability.

Saquib Ahmad also emphasized the need for stable internet connectivity to ensure progress, stating:

“We are discussing digital transformation, and recently, internet services were limited and downgraded. How will Pakistan’s IT sector fulfill its international commitments if such unscheduled disruptions occur without any substantial reasoning?”

He added that to develop IT infrastructure and to achieve development, focusing on digitization of the economy is the only way forward.

SAP is also supporting private sector customers, including Engro Corporation, Imtiaz Store, Ghulam Farooq Group, National Foods, Fauji Fertilizers, Shan Foods, Packages, and many others in their digital transformation journey.

SAP has a strong footprint in Oil and Gas sector in Pakistan, and various organizations, including PARCO, Pakistan State Oil (PSO), Pakistan Petroleum Limited (PPL), and Oil & Gas Development Company Limited (OGDCL) trust SAP Solutions for digital transformation.

Source: Pro Pakistani