Rivers at different points facing flood like situation in KP

In Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, the rivers at different points are facing flood like situation. According to PDMA, river Swat is in high flood at Munda with water flow of eight-thousand cusecs. Kabul river at Nowshera with ninety-eight thousand six-hundred cusecs and Panjkora river at Zulum bridge Lower Dir with forty-two thousand two-hundred and eighty-seven cusecs water flow are in medium flood situation. Similarly, Kabul river at Warsak with forty-one thousand eight-hundred and thirty-two cusecs and Swat river at Khwazakhela with thirty-thousand one-hundred and eighty-four cusecs water flow are facing low level flood situation. Indus river at Attock Khairabad with one-hundred thirty-two thousand and five-hundred cusecs and Swat river at Chakdara with twenty-seven thousand seven-hundred and twenty-one cusecs are flowing normal. Source: Radio Pakistan