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Radio Pakistan also celebrated its birthday on eve of Independence Day

Radio Pakistan (Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation) also celebrated its birthday on the eve of Independence Day today (Saturday).

Radio Pakistan came into being along with Pakistan and it has a privilege to announce the Independence of Pakistan from British India on 14th August 1947.

At that time, it was called Pakistan Broadcasting Service. Radio Pakistan played an important role to lead and resettlement of migrants from British India and it is still playing a vital role in the development and prosperity of the country.

Radio Pakistan is the only media organization in the country, the voice of which reaches every corner of the country. It also has the honour of introducing and grooming countless famous artists, musicians, producers, writers, announcers and broadcasters. It is the best teaching institute for media students.

Radio Pakistan broadcasts news every hour and it is also broadcasting news in 26 languages including local, regional and foreign languages.

Radio Pakistan has 64 stations across the country and its nine live channels including News & Current Affairs Channel are broadcasting News and Programs.

Radio Pakistan's live-streaming is available on its website and social media accounts.

Radio Pakistan has also recently launched Podcast service to digitalize its broadcast service.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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