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Punjab Bans Teachers From Using Social Media & Speaking With News Channels

In an absurd development, the Punjab government has decided to ban employees of government colleges from using social networking platforms and speaking with media.

The ban has been imposed by the Directorate of Public Instructions (DPI) Colleges Punjab. It comes into effect immediately and will be applicable to all teachers and principals of government colleges across the province.

In the official notification issued in this regard, DPI has claimed that the use of social media platforms by the teachers and principals of public colleges is against the Punjab Government Service Rules (PGSR).

The notification mentioned that DPI has observed that they have been using social networking platforms to air their views on a wide range of topics that do not conform to official conduct enshrined in the PESR.

From disclosing the official information to disseminating the wrong or misleading information to the airing of political or sectarian views, the teachers and principals of government colleges have been found involved in a number of such acts.

Therefore, DPI has decided to impose a ban on them for using social media platforms and speaking with media outlets.

In case of violation of the stated directive, DPI will initiate disciplinary proceedings against the teachers and principals of government colleges under PGSR.

Under the PGSR, teachers and principals of public colleges are prohibited from speaking with media without obtaining prior permission from the government.

They are also banned from sharing official information and documents with unauthorized government servants, private employees, or members of the media.

They are also forbidden from giving any statement which could embarrass the provincial government on any public platform, TV program, or radio broadcast.

Teachers and principals of government colleges are also prohibited from sharing views that go against the national integrity and the provincial government or any of its decision.

They are barred also from expressing opinions that could compromise national security, harm friendly relations with other countries, derail public order, promote indecency, stir sectarian violence, or amount to contempt of court.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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