Public Holiday Declared in Lahore Tomorrow

In anticipation of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi's visit to Lahore, the Department of Services and General Administration has declared April 23 a public holiday. Following the lead of the Sindh government, Punjab has decided to grant a public holiday in Lahore on Tuesday, April 23, to facilitate the general public and commuters during President Raisi's visit. 'The Iranian president is accompanied by his spouse and a high-level delegation,' the foreign ministry said in a statement, adding that the group also included the foreign minister, other cabinet members, and senior officials. President Raisi is scheduled to arrive in Lahore on April 23 to meet with Punjab government officials. Having landed in Islamabad on Monday for a three-day official visit, President Raisi's presence is met with heightened security measures in the federal capital. Accompanied by his spouse and a high-level delegation including the foreign minister and other cabinet members, President Raisi's visit aims to strengthen ties betw een Pakistan and Iran. During his stay, President Raisi is expected to meet with Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and other government officials and visit Lahore and Karachi. In light of the visit's significance, major highways in Islamabad have been temporarily closed as part of security measures. It's noteworthy that the Sindh government also declared a public holiday on April 23 in the Karachi division to ensure smooth proceedings during the visit of foreign dignitaries, including President Raisi. The visit is seen as a significant step in normalizing relations between Pakistan and Iran, with both countries expressing a desire to strengthen bilateral ties. Source: Pro Pakistani