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PTA Announces Measures to Limit Radiofrequency Exposure From Mobile Phones

Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) has announced precautionary measures to limit radiofrequency exposure from cellular devices.

In a public notice, PTA has stated that it has put in place a process of ‘Type Approvals’ in accordance with best international practices.

The process of Type Approvals, in principle, states that all devices are evaluated to ensure their conformity to international manufacturing standards including health and safety standards. This ensures that all such Type Approved devices by PTA conform to prescribed power limits for radio frequency usage as per international practices.

Regarding the safe use of cellular devices, PTA has stated that it is committed to the health and wellbeing of Pakistani cellular device users, adding that research indicates that cellular devices do not pose a direct health problem for users.

PTA stated advised that precautions could, however, be taken to limit the radiofrequency exposure from devices which included: rationalizing the amount of time spent using a wireless device, preferably using a speakerphone, handsfree, or ear-pods to limit exposure.

A parliamentary panel had asked PTA officials if the installation of mobile phone towers had any harmful effects on human health. The PTA officials had informed the committee that mobile phone towers had no harmful health effects.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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