PM Shehbaz Demands Urgent Adoption of Renewable Energy For Power Generation

Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif on Monday demanded urgent adoption of renewable energy for power generation. foreseeing long-term benefits for the country. While chairing a high-level meeting to review progress on power sector projects, he also suggested shifting coal-fired power plants to local coal which would save valuable foreign exchange and potentially lower unit prices by Rs. 2 per consumer. The Prime Minister vowed to reduce electricity prices for the common man alongside ongoing reforms aimed at reducing the circular debt of the electricity sector. He commended the efforts of the Punjab government in combating electricity theft and emphasized that other provinces would follow suit. The premier further instructed authorities to enlist the services of consultants to tackle power sector challenges and develop mechanisms for utilizing surplus electricity. He stressed the importance of addressing issues in the electricity transmission system to ensure the effectiveness of investments in the power sector . Shehbaz also urged setting up clean and cost-effective hydropower and renewable energy plants in the country. Source: Pro Pakistani