PM Meets Huawei CEO to Discuss Digital Economy and Upskilling of Local Talent

Ethan Sun, CEO Huawei Pakistan, called on His Excellency, the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Anwaar-ul-Haq Kakar, to share ongoing and potential collaborations to develop the ICT ecosystem and digital economy in Pakistan.

The honorable Prime Minister expressed his appreciation of Huawei’s role in enabling the Digital transformation in Pakistan stating that “technological advancement and enhancement of ICT opportunities for the youth and women had the potential to usher in a brighter future of Pakistan.”

Ethan Sun said, “Innovation is central to Huawei’s vision and operations. To this end, last year we have set up the Global Service Centre (GSC) in Pakistan with more than 2000 employees. Our other focus here, and globally, has been on the youth as we strive to create and facilitate an ecosystem for nurturing ICT talent, innovation and technology adaptation. Pakistani engineers are exceptional and the youth has immense potential to benefit from and contribute to this initiative and others that Huawei brings to Pakistan. We would like to unleash the Pakistani talent and connect it to the world!”

Dr. Omar Saif, Federal Minister of IT and Telecommunications commented, “Huawei Pakistan has long prioritized market investment and development. We are glad to continue supporting the government’s efforts to provide opportunities and development platforms for young Pakistanis and promote the sustainable development of Pakistan’s ICT industry.

The prime minister discussed with Huawei the need to empower more local partners and utilize Huawei global expertise in 5G, cloud and other advanced technologies implementation excellence and use cases to Pakistan to pave the way for achieving more progress on the digital transformation of different sectors and industries with the support of local ICT talents”.

Source: Pro Pakistani