Pakistan is Getting its First Hybrid Motorcycle

The demand for two-wheelers in Pakistan is on the rise following a drastic inflation spike. Resultantly, bike makers are trying various ways to capitalize on the rising demand as people shift to cheaper means of transport.

In a recent development on that front, a local bike maker, known as Road King Motorcycles, is set to launch Pakistan’s first hybrid bike.

While the official details are still unknown, Horsepower Pakistan has reported that the bike has a 70cc engine and is based on a 70cc bike platform.

The main difference is that bike is powered by a petrol engine and an electric motor. The motor powers the front wheel and only works as an alternative to the petrol engine. There is no hybrid motor assistance to speak of during a journey.

The report also states that, on battery power alone, the bike can travel up to 70 kilometers.

Assembled locally from Chinese parts, this hybrid motorcycle is not completely indigenous. The report adds that the bike will be priced at around Rs. 300,000, which is a huge sum for an entry-level bike. Other details will be unveiled upon the official debut.

Source: Pro Pakistani