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Pakistan can learn from Chinese expertise in poverty alleviation and health sector: President Alvi

President Alvi expressed his confidence that the partnership between Pakistan and China will continue to flourish in every sector for the benefit of both parties during his speech at a roundtable conference on the CPEC and Pakistan as a Paradise for Investment in Islamabad. The CPEC, he continued, is a thorough and substantial foundation for collaboration between the two nations. He said that in addition to the physical infrastructure that would be built to increase connection, the proposal also included energy initiatives and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). According to President Alvi, Pakistan may also benefit from what China has learned about reducing poverty and enhancing the health care system. The president also stated that the Central Asian States are also very interested in the CPEC project as Gwadar Port will give them access to international markets.

President Dr. Arif Alvi has expressed the confidence that the partnership between Pakistan and China will continue to flourish in every sector for the mutual benefit.

Addressing a Roundtable Conference on ‘CPEC and Pakistan Paradise for Investment’ in Islamabad on Tuesday, he said both the countries enjoy good partnership in the field of IT.

He said relationship between the two countries is very deep and it has been further cemented by the peoples’ friendship.

The President said the CPEC is a comprehensive and substantive framework of cooperation between the two countries. He said the project not only envisaged construction of physical infrastructure to improve connectivity but also energy projects and Special Economic Zones (SEZs). He was confident that Pakistan will soon emerge as a strong country in the comity of nations.

He said Pakistan can also learn from the Chinese experience in poverty alleviation and improving the health sector.

The President said the Central Asian States are also looking at the CPEC project with great interest as Gwadar Port will provide them access to world markets.

President Arif Alvi stressed for giving incentives to attract both domestic and foreign investments in the country. He said incentives should be such which make their products competitive in the world markets.  He said given the importance of Small and Medium enterprises, Pakistan also wants to facilitate and encourage this important sector of the economy.

Source: China-Pakistan Economic Corridor

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