National Incubation Centre Islamabad Announces New Partner Network

National Incubation Centre (NIC) Islamabad is thrilled to unveil its new partner network. This announcement marks a pivotal moment for startups looking at NIC Islamabad as their entrepreneurial launchpad. Supported by the Ignite Fund and operating under the Ministry of Information Technology and Telecommunication (MOITT), NIC Islamabad has emerged as a dynamic force propelling startups to success and driving innovation in local and global markets. As they embark on a journey of growth and transformation, NIC Islamabad proudly presents its consortium of partners, ushering in an era of unmatched entrepreneurial opportunities and breakthroughs. NIC Islamabad's thriving ecosystem is powered by its core partners. Representing a diverse spectrum of industry leaders and forward-thinking innovators, each partner brings invaluable expertise, resources and support, setting the stage for startups to thrive and succeed. Among the core partners are: Hashoo Group: A prominent conglomerate boasting a varied portfolio s panning hospitality, IT, travel and tourism and real estate. Fauji Foundation: A Pakistani conglomerate, operating across diverse sectors including fertilizer, cement, food, power generation, gas exploration, LPG marketing and distribution, financial services, and security services. Telenor: One of Pakistan's premier telecommunications entities, renowned for its innovative digital solutions and commitment to social welfare. CyberVision: A distinguished technology solutions provider specializing in software development, cybersecurity, and digital transformation. Change Mechanics: A dynamic consultancy firm offering strategic advisory services to businesses aiming to drive organizational innovation and transformation. Supporting these core companies are NIC Islamabad's diverse range of local and international partners, with more than 40 industry leads and over 150 companies on board. Each partner plays a crucial role in nurturing entrepreneurial spirit and fostering collaboration. From invaluable resource s to hands-on mentorship and dynamic networking opportunities, these partners are the wind beneath each startup's wings. Ignite Funded Acceleration Track NIC Islamabad will also run a first-of-its-kind acceleration program funded by Ignite Fund. Every incubated startup will have the opportunity to be a part of this acceleration program that amounts to a generous PKR 5 million! Entrepreneurs can propel their ventures towards global success and new adventures. This grant serves as a catalyst, fueling innovation, expansion and market penetration for startups ready to take the leap into the international arena. Global Partnerships NIC Islamabad has a stellar lineup of global incubators and accelerators in their team, opening doors to an expansive network of mentors, investors, and business resources. Imagine the impact of partnering with the likes of Mass Challenge, the world's 3rd Best Accelerator, with over 4,000 startups accelerated globally, raising a whopping $9B in funding and creating over 157k+ jobs. Or working with Founders Institute, which has successes like UDEMY valued at an astounding $3.8 billion. In addition there's VC Labs and International Accelerator Austin - all of these industry leaders bring top notch programs, mentorship and investment opportunities to NIC Islamabad startups. HealthTech Acceleration Track In recognizing the transformative power of healthcare technology, NIC Islamabad has linked arms with top-tier health institutes and hospitals. Enterprising collaborators like Agha Khan University, Shifa International Hospital, Rehman Medical Institute, and Ali Medical Hospital offer startups in the healthcare domain invaluable academic resources, mentorship and research support. These partnerships not only guide startups through regulatory complexities but also boost their journey to market success through NIC's special HealthTech Acceleration Track program. DeepTech Acceleration Track NIC Islamabad has teamed up with Red Buffer, the tech wizards specializing in AI, ML, and blockchain. Experience personalized mentorship, cutting-edge tech insights and a dash of genius to scale your DeepTech startup towards unstoppable success. There's good news for all DeepTech startups! NIC Islamabad offers an exclusive DeepTech Acceleration Track that allows startups to get on the fast track to achieving their goals. Women Special Initiatives If you're a women-led startup looking to thrive, NIC Islamabad has exciting news for you. Join forces with empowering partners like the Islamabad Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Women Chamber of Commerce and Industry Multan Division, Telenor Pakistan, Founder Institute, WeCon Movement and the Female Founders Initiative. Together, they ignite a movement for women entrepreneurs, offering vibrant programs, mentorship, scholarships and networking events. The collaboration celebrates diversity, innovation and the unstoppable spirit of women-led startups. NIC is also introducing its exclusive Women's Special Initiatives Acceleration Track Program, crafted to emp ower and uplift female-led startups. This unique program offers customized support, mentorship, networking opportunities and essential resources to propel the growth and success of women entrepreneurs. NIC Islamabad has a knack for making things happen. With strategic ties to key players like the US Embassy, GIZ, UNDP, DFID, Coffey International, and Blumont, they excel in securing funding and expanding programs across diverse verticals. More Than Just an Office: A Hub for Innovation As part of this commitment, NIC Islamabad is excited to announce the renovation of its office space. The revamped office isn't just about walls and desks; it's a dynamic hub brimming with creativity, collaboration, and endless inspiration. Packed with cutting-edge facilities and top-notch amenities, the new setup is tailor-made for startups to unleash their innovative spirits and thrive. From vibrant coworking zones to sleek meeting spots, versatile event spaces, exclusive office suites and a purpose-built podcast studio, eve ry nook and cranny is crafted to nurture startup success. Keep an eye out for updates as NIC Islamabad unveils its revamped office, marking the beginning of an exhilarating chapter. As NIC Islamabad continues to evolve and expand its influence, its mission to nurture the next generation of entrepreneurs continues. With its vast consortium of partners, unparalleled perks and unwavering commitment to innovation and collaboration, they are ready to unlock boundless opportunities and create funding for startups across Pakistan and beyond. Joining NIC Islamabad on this exhilarating journey promises to redefine the future of entrepreneurship. Don't Miss Your Golden Ticket to Startup Success! Welcome a world of opportunities at NIC Islamabad by visiting and applying for the 2024 Cohort. With the application deadline approaching on 20th April, seize the moment and secure your spot before it's too late! Source: Pro Pakistani