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Multinational Exercise Bright Star 2021 concluded in Egypt

Two-week long Multinational Exercise Bright Star 2021, focused on enhancing capability to counter regional hybrid threats, strengthen regional and increase maritime security operations concluded in Egypt.

The exercise was conducted at Mohamed Naguib Military Base of the country with 20 participant countries including Egypt, United States, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Cyprus, Iraq, Bahrain, Sudan, Morocco, Kenya, Italy, Spain, United Kingdom, Greece, Kuwait, UAE, Tunisia, Nigeria, Tanzania and France.

Pakistan contingent comprising Pak Army, Navy and Air Force troops participated for the first time since 2009.

The exercise was aimed at enhancing the capability to counter regional hybrid threats, strengthen regional stability by fostering combined force interoperability, joint force integration and enhance maritime security operations.

Egyptian Minister of Defence and Commander-in-Chief, General Mohamed Zaki and military officials from 20 countries including USCENTCOM witnessed the final phase of the joint training that included live fire of different weapons including aircrafts, helicopters and tanks.

Exercise Bright Star is being held regularly since 1980.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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