Mango Production to Decline by 20% Due to Climate Change: PFVA

Pakistan’s mango production is facing a serious challenge as adverse effects of climate change may claim 20 percent of the production during the current season, according to Waheed Ahmed, Patron-in-Chief, All Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association (PFVA).

Pakistan’s mango production is nearly 1.8 million tons but given climate change, it is feared that the production will decrease by 20 percent to stay around 1.44 million tons.

He highlighted that the long winter spell that stayed till early contributed to the decrease in mango production and damaged its ability to fight diseases. He stressed the need for increased efforts by the research institutes and provincial agriculture departments to protect mango farmers from the negative impact of climate change.

He stated that the target of export of mangoes for this season has been set at 125,000 metric tons and if this is achieved, Pakistan will earn foreign exchange of $100 million. The export of mangoes will commence this month.

Gulf countries, Iran, Central Asia, and UK countries are major buyers of Pakistani mangoes. Other important markets include Europe, Canada, US Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong China, and Japan.

An increase in the cost of exports due to a reduction in production coupled with quality issues linked with climatic and an increase in freight, packaging, and transport costs is a major challenge for mango exports. Along with this, ongoing deteriorating law and order issues in the country, political instability, and disruptions in delivery may also affect exports, he added.

In Pakistan, 70 percent of mangoes are produced in Punjab, while the share of Sindh in total mango production is 29 percent and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa’s share is 1 percent. He also informed that 50 percent of mangoes are exported from Pakistan by sea, 35 percent by land, and 15 percent by air.

Source: Pro Pakistani