Majority of Pakistanis Support Death Penalty: Gallup Survey

According to a Gallup Pakistan poll, public opinion in Pakistan is in favor of the death penalty. In a recently conducted survey, a majority of Pakistanis supported the death penalty. The survey conducted by Gallup revealed that five out of ten Pakistanis support it, while four out of ten oppose it. The survey, conducted between February 29 and March 15, 2024, involved participation from over one thousand individuals across the country. Gallup Pakistan reports that 45 percent of Pakistanis fully support the death penalty law, believing it is appropriate to impose the penalty on criminals involved in serious crimes. However, 39 percent are strongly opposed to it and are unwilling to support it under any circumstances. According to the survey, 11 percent of Pakistanis have a neutral stance on the death penalty, neither openly supporting nor opposing it. Furthermore, 5 percent refrained from expressing an opinion and remained silent on the matter. Source: Pro Pakistani