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Lahore Receives Record-Breaking Pre-Monsoon Rainfall

In a remarkable weather event, Lahore, the capital city of Punjab province in Pakistan, experienced record-breaking torrential rainfall before the onset of the monsoon season.

The latest data from a private weather forecasting company reveals that Laxmi Chowk received an unprecedented 256 mm of pre-monsoon rain.

This surpassed the previous record of 98 mm, which was set on 29th June 2011, and stands as the highest amount of rainfall ever recorded in the provincial capital.

The heavy downpour was not limited to Laxmi Chowk alone, as several other areas across the city also experienced significant rainfall.

Area Rainfall (mm)

Shahi Qila 254

Airport 250

Qartaba Chowk 249

Gulshan Ravi 236

Township 231

Iqbal Town 212

Samanabad (PWS) 207

Tajpura 191

Defence Phase-8 188

Johar Town 176

Jail Road 171

LUMS (PWS) 166

Mughalpura 165

Model Town (PWS) 160

Shadbagh 153

Defence Phase-1 (PWS) 152

Punjab University 150

Gulberg 142

Shahdara 140

Misri Shah 137

Samanabad 125

Upper Mall 121

Children Hospital 113

Ferozewala (PWS) 109

Mansoora Bazaar 100

Mall Road 97

Baghbanpura (PWS) 91

Johar Town (PWS) 78

Sadhoki (PWS) 76

The intense rainfall posed several difficulties for the city’s infrastructure and daily life. The excess water led to severe waterlogging on roads, resulting in traffic congestion and disrupted transportation.

Low-lying areas and residential colonies were particularly affected, with many of them being submerged, causing inconvenience and distress to residents. The overflowing drains and sewage systems exacerbated the situation, posing health hazards and increasing the risk of waterborne diseases.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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