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Juice Selling Child Gets Impressive Matric Result and Scholarship

Huzaifa, a diligent young vendor selling juice in Multan, has become the center of attention due to his matric results. Despite the challenges posed by his humble background, Huzaifa managed to secure an astounding 1050 marks from the Multan Board, surprising both his peers and educators alike.

The news took an even more inspiring twist when it was announced that the Punjab Police would be taking responsibility for Huzaifa’s further educational expenses.

The decision to sponsor his education serves as a testament to his hard work and dedication, offering him a chance to pursue higher studies without financial constraints.

Huzaifa was accorded a warm reception at the Regional Police Office Multan, where he was given protocol and lauded for his achievement. This heartwarming tale highlights the underprivileged student getting recognition from the Punjab Police and Pakistan as a whole.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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