JS Bank Introduces Tax Certificate Issuance via WhatsApp

To simplify the taxation processes, JS Bank is now allowing its customers to generate their tax certificates instantly through JSBot – the bank’s Personal WhatsApp Banking Assistant.

According to the press statement, users can simply send a message to JS Banks’ dedicated WhatsApp number +92348 7003000, enter required details, and get their Tax Certificate generated instantly for the yearly submission of their tax returns.

Speaking on the matter, Mr. Noman Azhar, Chief Digital Officer JS Bank, said “The goal is to provide consumers with an unparalleled digital experience and financial solutions that make their mandatory yet tiresome tasks, like tax filing, easier.”

“We will continue to develop innovative and technology-driven solutions that will enable the migration of our customers from branches to digital channels. For us, speed is the name of the game,” he added.

The bank says that its WhatsApp Banking service offers a convenient and cost-effective self-service banking platform using encrypted messaging functionality for users to access various banking services including Account & Credit Card Inquiry, Location features, Product offerings, Deals & Discounts, Complaint Facility, and more.

“Focusing on helping Pakistan progress with technology, JS Bank is seeking innovative solutions to serve customers at their preferred touchpoints. Given the proliferation, and convenience of WhatsApp in everyday life, this offering will help gain customer engagement and confidence in digital transactions,” adds the press statement.

Source: Pro Pakistani