IT Minister Wants to Redirect China’s Internet Traffic Via Pakistan

Caretaker IT Minister Dr Umar Saif Friday unveiled a plan to redirect China’s internet traffic through Pakistan, creating a shorter and more efficient route to Europe.

The minister addressed a gathering of representatives from relevant institutions, including the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA), Special Communication Organization (SCO), and various telecom operators to discuss the proposed project.

The project is aimed at creating an alternative corridor that will allow China to connect to Europe via Pakistan, presenting an opportunity for substantial economic benefits for the country. One of the key aspects of this project involves combining the existing optical fiber cable network, which stretches from Khunjerab to Karachi, with a submarine cable for China’s traffic. This promises to optimize internet traffic flow and further strengthen connectivity, the IT Minister added.

Dr Saif emphasized the potential economic benefits of this project, projecting multi-million-dollar opportunities for Pakistan. He also highlighted the crucial role of the Special Investment Facilitation Council Forum in spearheading revolutionary initiatives within the IT and Telecom sector.

The minister said the project is primarily focused on the expansion of Pakistan’s optical fiber cable network. Currently, the country boasts approximately 180,000 kilometers of fiber cable and 6,000 mobile towers. The minister has set his sights on expanding optical fiber cable network to 300,000 kilometers and establishing 20,000 towers, a move that promises to greatly enhance connectivity and improve the overall telecom infrastructure.

The minister also addressed issues faced by telecom operators concerning the right-of-way policy. He stressed the importance of removing obstacles in the prompt implementation of this policy to ensure smoother operations in the sector.

Source: Pro Pakistani