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Islamabad to Get 17 New Development Projects in Next 3 Months

The Capital Development Authority (CDA) is extending its efforts to rural areas by launching large-scale development projects and calling bids for tenders.

The engineering wing of CDA has invited tenders from construction companies to award contracts for 17 projects worth Rs2.8 billion in the first phase, out of a total of Rs10 billion projects for rural areas.

The reports say that the government wants all development work in Islamabad to be completed within 3 months.

As per the tender documents, the CDA will carry out rehabilitation and upgradation work on Shah Allah Ditta road, Golra Road, Jodh and Sarai Kharboza road, roads in Golra, Sangjani and other areas, Simly Dam road, Sewer and Jandghand roads, roads in Gokina, Mandla and Bari Imam, Sanjalian and Banigala, Phulgran and Sakreela and Member roads, and construction of Naiabadi to Huzaifa Town road and internal roads of Bhara Kahu and Malpur.

The rehabilitation of Sihala Japan road and other schemes for Khana, Golra Mast, and other rural areas are also included in the tender documents.

For the first time in the history of CDA, it is going to start development work in Union Councils in all three constituencies of Islamabad.

In February, Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif approved the CDA’s mega development projects worth Rs10 billion in rural areas.

The projects are not politically motivated, says PML-N Secretary General NA-53 Sardar Mehtab Advocate, rather it aims to provide basic facilities to the people of rural areas, without any discrimination between urban and rural.

The CDA ordinance of 1960 states that the civic agency was supposed to carry out development projects in the entire Islamabad, regardless of party affiliation.

Last year, the CDA had proposed to carry out development work in the rural areas.

The matter was taken up by the CDA’s Development Working Party (DWP), but it was deferred due to the federal government’s approval required.

The Prime Minister finally gave the go-ahead to the CDA to initiate development work in the rural areas in February this year.

The press release issued by the PM Office said that the Rs10 billion fund would be used on solid waste management projects, sewerage system, construction of roads, repair work, and schemes related to public transport.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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