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Injured Asad Ali Memon Requests Pakistani Embassy to Airlift Him From Everest

Pakistani climber, Asad Ali Memon, who accomplished a feat by summiting Mount Everest, now finds himself stranded on the treacherous slopes of the majestic mountain.

As per media reports, Asad Ali has contacted the Pakistani embassy in Nepal, requesting assistance and urging them to coordinate his airlift to Kathmandu for treatment.

Asad Ali, a student of IoBM, became the first person from Sindh to summit Mount Everest. However, his descent took an unforeseen turn when he suffered a dislocated hand.

Asad Ali Memon explained that he slipped between Camp 4 and Camp 3 while descending. The unfortunate accident resulted in a painful dislocation.

Asad added that the journey from the summit back to the base camp takes one to two days. However, due to his debilitating injury, his descent was extended to three days.

“With my hand dislocated, I can’t travel to Kathmandu by any other means and the only option was air service from the base camp which depends on weather conditions,” he said.

Facing the daunting task of returning to Kathmandu, the climber finds himself at a crossroads, as his hand is still dislocated and alternative means of travel are not feasible.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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