Hundreds of Pakistanis Stuck in Dubai Due to Cancelled Flights

Adverse weather conditions in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) have significantly impacted flight operations at Dubai International Airport, leading to cancellations and delays, including flights to Pakistan. According to details, hundreds of passengers have been left stranded at the airport following the cancellation of around 43 flights bound for Pakistan. Pakistan International Airlines's (PIA) Lahore to Dubai flight PK-203, Dubai to Lahore flight PK-204, and Lahore to Sharjah flight PK-185 were canceled due to adverse weather conditions. Serene Air's flight ER-1723 from Lahore to Dubai was delayed by more than 10 hours, while Emirates flight EK-622 from Dubai to Lahore experienced a delay of three and a half hours. Furthermore, the Lahore-Dubai flight EK-623 was delayed by four hours last night. Officials advised passengers to avoid Dubai airport due to the flooded roads. 'We are working hard to recover operations as quickly as possible in very challenging conditions,' a Dubai Airports spokesperson sai d. Emirates, Dubai's flagship airline, suspended all check-ins on Wednesday due to challenges faced by staff and passengers in accessing the airport. Long queues of taxis formed at the airport, while delayed passengers waited around. Many flights faced delays, cancellations, and diversions due to Tuesday's heavy rainfall. Source: Pro Pakistani