FBR Relaxes Conditions for Importers for Obtaining ‘UUIs’

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has relaxed conditions for the importers for obtaining “unique user identifiers” (UUIs) under the Customs Computerised System.

The FBR has issued SRO.1112(I)/2021 to amend Customs Rules, 2001, here on Monday. The new rules said that provided also that personal appearance and submission of original NTN and CNIC shall not be required if bio-metric information and other information of the applicant is available in the Sales Tax or NTN Registration database.

Under the revised rules, the FBR will not ask for personal appearance and submission of original NTN and CNIC of the importers for obtaining “unique user identifier” under the Customs Computerized System where biometric information of the applicant is available in sales tax or NTN Registration database.

It is mandatory that any person interested or required to interact online with CCS may get himself registered as a user by submitting his application in Form-I to the Collector, Model Collectorate of Customs, including any other information as may be required by him for the purpose.

Presently, the unique user identifier shall be obtained by the user or his authorized representative who shall appear in person before the User ID Office along with the following documents:

a. Original NTN or FTN; provided that an individual holding NTN shall appear in person unless she is a ‘pardah’ observing lady or an elderly person in which case a family member may be authorized to obtain the unique user identifier;

b. Original Computerized National Identity Card of the person obtaining the unique user identifier and

c. A pay order of rupees five hundred in favor of the Collector, Model Collectorate of Customs;

d. Authority letter from the company, organization or institution, as the case may be; provided that in case the person receiving ID is owner, director or head of any such company, organization or institution, authority letter shall not be required, and

e. Employment letter or, ID of company, organisation or institution relating to the person receiving unique user identifier.

In case the user is clearing, shipping, or warehouse agent, he shall present the original license issued by customs authorities in lieu of the original NTN. Provided further that in case the user is a government department, embassy or an international organization, etc, the authority letter in favor of the person receiving it is issued by the head of that department, embassy or organization, as the case may be, is produced.

Source: Pro Pakistani