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FBR Now Requires Name of The Buyer From Retailers if Invoice is Over Rs. 100,000

The Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has made it mandatory for the retailers/integrated suppliers of the point of sale (POS) system to provide names of buyers/customers where invoice value is over Rs 100,000 to the FBR.

The FBR issued SRO 1006(I)/2021 on Monday to issue a standardized format for invoices for the retailers/integrated suppliers.

According to SRO 1006(I)/2021, the name is required to be recorded when the customer is liable for tax or credit or when the invoice value is above Rs. 100,000.

In exercise of the powers conferred by the first proviso to sub-section (1) of section 23 of the Sales Tax Act 1990, the FBR has specified a standardized format for invoices issued under sub-rules (5) and (6) of rule 150ZEB of the Sales Tax Rules 2006:

Under rule 150ZEB of the Sales Tax Rules 2006, the registered persons (integrated suppliers) shall install such fiscal electronic devices and software, as approved by the Board, available on its website with complete technical instructions for installation, configuration, and integration. The integrated suppliers shall notify the Board through the Computerized System of all their outlets, and the integrated supplier shall register each point of sale (POS) to activate the integration.

Under the standardized format for invoices, the following information interalia is required to be clearly printed on every invoice issued through all Point of Sale (PoS) systems integrated with FBR, namely:

a. Business information included the business name or brand name; complete address of the business location; FBR’s Sales Tax Registration Number (STRN) and National Tax Number (NTN); the name of the Tax Office/Formation, the business is registered at and unique PoS registration number.

b. Invoice details included unique sequential invoice number; date and time of sale; mode of payment (cash, credit or debit card, cheque, or gift vouchers), and optional for business to business (B2B): Name of the buyer/customer/service recipient. The name is recorded when the customer is liable for the tax or credit, or invoice value is above Rs. 100,000.

c. Transaction details included an item-wise description of goods or service and (unit) price exclusive of tax; tax rate for each item (item-wise breakdown of the tax rate. Apply 0 percent if an item is exempt; item-wise quantity of goods; tax amount; total sale value; tax charged on the invoice; discounts, if any; PoS service fee of Rs. 1/- per invoice; total payable amount; and total received amount.

d. FBR details included FBR fiscal invoice number; logo of FBR’s PoS invoicing system; verifiable QR code. dimensions: 7X7mm, and statement in legible font and size: “Verify this invoice through FBR Tax Asaan Mobile App or SMS at 9966 and win exciting prizes in draw.”

A sample invoice is appended herewith for ease of replication, FBR added.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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