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FBR Increases Minimum Price of Steel Products

In the wake of increased prices of steel products in the domestic & international markets, the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has increased the minimum prices of steel products vide SRO 985 dated 4th Aug 2021.

Last time the prices of steel products were fixed by FBR vide SRO 992 dated 4th Sep 2019.

FBR is empowered to fix minimum prices of steel products under proviso to clause (46) of section 2 of the Sales Tax Act, 1990. The new prices of Bars has been fixed at Rs. 140,000/-; Billets at Rs. 125,000/-, Ingots/Bala & Ship-plates at Rs. 120,000/- and Scrap at Rs. 118,000/- per metric ton.

FBR has further clarified that the said upward revision was essential in the wake of a recent surge in local & international prices of steel products and to prevent possible loss of revenue. FBR has further indicated that, in the future, minimum prices would be fixed on a quarterly basis.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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