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Electricity Generation Up 7.4% in First Quarter of FY24

Power generation in the country went up by 7.4 percent YoY to 44,138 gigawatts per hour (GWh) in 1QFY24, while it was up 3.6 percent YoY in September compared to the same period last year.

On a month-on-month (MoM) basis, power generation in the country went down by 16.4 percent from 15,959 GWh recorded in August 2023.

Meanwhile, the cost of fuel for power generation has decreased by 25.2 percent year-on-year (YoY) to an average of Rs. 7.42/unit in September 2023.

Major contributors during September 2023 were Hydel (37.6 percent), Nuclear (17.1 percent), RLNG (16 percent), and Coal (11.1 percent).

Hydel power generation is up by 13.7 percent YoY from 4,404 GWh in September 2022 to 5,009 GWh in September 2023. On an MoM basis, hydel generation is down 16.6 percent. For the period July-September FY24, it is up 12.2 percent YoY.

Nuclear power generation increased by 0.9 percent YoY to 2,286 GWh in September, up from 2,266 GWh last year, while monthly nuclear power generation shows an increase of 12.1 percent from 2,040 GWh observed the previous month.

RLNG-based power generation increased by 16.8 percent YoY to 2,128 GWh in September 2023 from 1,821 GWh last year but is down by 22.4 percent MoM compared to 2,741 GWh in August 2023.

Coal-based power generation increased by 155.6 percent YoY to 1,479 GWh in September 2023 from 579 GWh last year. On an MoM basis, coal-based power output shows a decrease of 9.7 percent in September from 1,638 GWh in August.

Solar-based generation is down 3.3 percent YoY from 82 GWh last year to 79 GWh in September 2023. During 1QFY24, it surged by 5.2 percent YoY to 238 GWh from 226 GWh in 1QFY23.

Fuel Cost

During September 2023, fuel cost for power generation decreased by 25.2 percent YoY and 10.3 percent MoM, to an average of Rs. 7.42/unit, compared to an average cost of Rs. 9.91 in September 2022 and Rs. 8.27/unit in August 2023, respectively. For 1QFY24, fuel costs are down 21.5 percent YoY with an average cost of Rs. 8.03/unit, compared to Rs. 10.24/unit in 1QFY23.

Furnace Oil was the priciest fuel with a fuel cost of Rs. 37.05 per unit during the period in review.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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