Egyptian Billionaire Expresses High Hopes for Real Estate Sector in Pakistan


Chairman of Ora Developers, Naguib Sawiris, on his visit to Pakistan, expressed high hopes for the real estate sector of Pakistan, adding that Pakistan is an ‘investment heaven’ for foreign investors. He visited Eighteen, a luxury housing society located near Islamabad International airport, where he commented on the potential of the local housing sector and offered an optimistic outlook for future growth.

Naguib Sawiris also met the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan, during his visit to Pakistan.

While talking to journalists during his visit to the Eighteen site, he appreciated the greater focus by the government on the real estate sector and softening the construction policies, and extending greater opportunities for businesses to flourish. Such policies have helped speed up the development of real estate projects and provided a major boost to industry growth.

The Egyptian tycoon said that the development of Eighteen will revolutionize the real estate sector of Pakistan because it will cater to the tastes of an urban class like never before. Regarding the construction progress of Eighteen, he announced that the project is successfully moving towards its completion, and from next year, the customers will be handed over their villas. The Clubhouse, one of the main attractions of Eighteen, will also be launched in mid-2022.

Ora developers have the prestige of being a company with an international experience and vision that can truly transform Pakistan’s real estate landscape. Therefore, Naguib’s plans of expansion in the country offer a promising prospect for other potential investors.

Source: Pro Pakistani