Customs Seizes Smuggled Luxury Cars Worth Rs. 20 Crore and Petrol Worth Rs. 80 Crore

Pakistan Customs Enforcement Karachi seized Rs. 792 million worth of Iranian petrol and other smuggled goods in the last 20 days.

In a media briefing at the Customs House, Collector Customs Enforcement Amir Thahim announced a crackdown on organized networks smuggling Iranian fuel and other goods.

The anti-smuggling organization seized massive amounts of Iranian diesel, non-duty-paid smuggled vehicles, essential goods, and other items over the past 20 days.

The collectorate stopped 14 Iranian diesel and petrol tankers carrying 262,247 liters of fuel. During the same period, 21 non-duty-paid smuggled vehicles, including luxury cars and jeeps, worth Rs. 209 million were also seized.

The Customs department also confiscated betel, gutka, cosmetics, cigarettes, almonds, soap, dry milk, and other goods worth Rs. 792 million. It also took two sugar cases hidden in buses into custody.

The Collector noted that legal and authorized transportation of these essential commodities to Pakistan’s bordering areas is hampered due to smuggling activity. It vowed to practice vigilance and take strict action against dubious groups involved in such activities.

Source: Pro Pakistani