CM Maryam Nawaz Draws Public Anger for Buying McDonald’s Meals Despite Boycott

Trouble brewed for Chief Minister of Punjab Maryam Nawaz when the Punjab government decided to distribute McDonald's meal bags as gifts to school children in Murree on Tuesday. The move stirred controversy as the famous fast-food chain had previously faced international boycotts and protests. Following the October 7 attacks in Gaza, McDonald's announced its intention to provide free meals to the Israeli military, leading to widespread condemnation. In various countries, including Pakistan, McDonald's encountered boycotts amid allegations of supporting Israel's actions in Gaza. Maryam Nawaz's visit to a government girls high school in Murree on Monday, during which she inspected school facilities, including health services, preceded the distribution of McDonald's meal bags by the provincial government the next day. The incident prompted criticism and sparked discussions on social media platforms, with the PML-N sharing videos related to the issue with their followers on X. Source: Pro Pakistani