CCTV Catches Hypnotist Robber in Karachi

A robber in Karachi’s Burns Road area used hypnosis to steal from a shopkeeper. The suspect, Abdul Shahaab, was caught by the police in the Aram Bagh area after a tip-off. Shahaab is known for his involvement in pickpocketing and robberies and was captured with the help of CCTV footage.

The footage showed the accused hypnotizing the shopkeeper and then taking the money from the cashier’s desk. The police launched a search operation after the CCTV footage was released and captured Shahaab within 24 hours. The authorities believe that he has committed similar robberies in the past.

SSP South Asad Raza stated that an official case has been filed against Abdul Shahaab. The police are conducting further investigations and examining his criminal record.

In a similar case last year, Ferozabad police arrested a 60-year-old and his son for running a three-member gang that robbed shopkeepers using hypnotism and other deceptive tactics. That gang was also identified through CCTV footage.

Source: Pro Pakistani