Beggar Woman Goes to Karachi Court to Get Help for Her Profession

In an unusual petition, a woman has appealed to a sessions court in Karachi seeking permission to obtain a designated area for begging. According to a private news channel, a woman named Ameeran Khatoon approached a local court in Karachi to get a spot for begging. The petitioner also complained to the court against three other beggars for allegedly harassing her. She appealed to the court for protection from the harassers. The court, in dismissing the request, stressed its incapacity to entertain an 'illegal' demand. While acknowledging the plaintiff's sentiments and hoping for a resolution to her problems, the court clarified that it couldn't issue an unjust order. It should be noted that Ameeran Khatoon decided to take the matter to the court after the police refused to take action on her request regarding the matter. Recently, Additional Inspector General (AIG) Karachi Imran Yaqoob Minhas claimed that 300,000 to 400,000 professional beggars head towards Karachi during the month of Ramadan to cash in on the Eid season. Source: Pro Pakistani