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Avanceon Signs Rs. 32 Million Project to Deploy Retail Automation Solution

Avanceon Limited and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Octopus Digital Ltd., will combine their expertise to deploy a state-of-the-art fuel retail automation solution on multiple sites for Gas & Oil Pakistan Limited at the cost of Rs. 32 million.

The fuel retail solution will help Gas & Oil Pakistan Limited (GO) maintain and streamline all the elements of the forecourt environment by taking wetstock inventory from tanks, sales, and delivery reconciliation to detect and reduce fuel losses, maximize uptime, and increase productivity and efficiency.

GO is a major oil and gas player with a network of over 850 outlets across Pakistan, and storage depots and terminals in Sindh, Punjab, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. and Balochistan. It is primarily engaged in the downstream petroleum business that includes marketing, storage, transportation, and supply operations.

Avanceon is already engaged with another fuel retail giant in Pakistan to streamline operations, but this project marks the entry of Octopus Digital Ltd. into the fuel retail sector.

Octopus Digital Ltd. is positioned to be listed on the Pakistan Stock Exchange, with its planned IPO confirmed on 16 and 17 September 2021.

GO’s Chief Strategy Officer, Ammar Ali Talaat, said “Gas & Oil Pakistan Limited aims to drastically increase its retail footprint to 1,500 outlets in the next two years and position ourselves as one of the top players in the petroleum industry”.

He added, “This is in line with our 2022 goal and our mission to maintain an efficient, safe, and sustainable environment by ensuring quality oil products delivery to customers across Pakistan”.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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