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Annual Int’l Cultural Gala held at Pakistan Embassy College in Beijing

Annual International Cultural Gala was held at the Pakistan Embassy College in Beijing on Saturday aimed to project Pakistan's rich culture and heritage.

Around 27 countries set up their national stalls to exhibit their cultural handicrafts. This year's event is dedicated to the celebrations of the 75-year of independence of Pakistan.

A part of the proceeds collected during the event would also be donated to the flood victims of Pakistan.

Ambassadors and senior diplomats, officials, media representatives, and students participated in this cultural gala.

China, Iran, Egypt, Sudan, Bulgaria, Cuba, Bangladesh, Nepal, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, and several other countries showcased their cultural handcrafts, products, and traditional cuisine.

Pakistan's Ambassador to China Moin ul Haque visited the event and lauded the efforts of the school management and the students for the holding of the gala.

Source: Radio Pakistan

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