AJK High Court Starts Online Case Hearing

In a significant development, the main seat of the Azad Jammu and Kashmir (AJK) High Court has now been seamlessly connected to all three circuit benches in Mirpur, Kotli, and Rawalakot through a reliable video link.

This innovative setup enables the courts to conduct online hearings of cases, marking a progressive step towards efficient and accessible justice.

The inauguration of this new system took place at a ceremony held in the high court building on Tuesday, with Chief Justice Sadaqat Hussain Raja leading the proceedings.

Alongside the Chief Justice, three other judges graced the occasion in Muzaffarabad, while judges from Mirpur and Rawalakot joined via video link.

Emphasizing the importance of this technological advancement, the Chief Justice clarified that the implementation of the video link system does not eliminate the circuit benches. Instead, it serves to enhance their effectiveness and dynamism in serving the people’s legal needs.

To ensure a smooth transition, comprehensive rules, and procedures have been established to provide lawyers with the option of conducting online hearings for their cases through the e-courts platform. This step aims to facilitate legal practitioners and streamline the judicial process, promoting convenience and accessibility in the realm of legal proceedings.

Source: Pro Pakistani