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ADB to Assist Pakistan to Overcome Gas Shortage Issues

The Asian Development Bank will help develop a system to bridge Pakistan’s gas shortage and finance its needs, ProPakistani has learned on good authority.

The ADB has recently approved and started working on the gas systems of Pakistan with a special focus on matching its demand and supply needs under this technical assistance. It would also design a policy, legal, and regulatory framework to develop within Pakistan on international best practices.

According to the official documents, ADB will,

i. Analyze and recommend gas storage modalities and options across Pakistan based on the safety, reliability, cost, and effect on amenities as prime considerations

ii. Propose a policy, legal, and regulatory framework to develop, operate, and maintain gas storage facilities following international best practices

iii. Provide advisory services on a transaction model, financial structure, and development road map for the first gas storage facility in the country.

The findings will assist the Government of Pakistan to design and approve optimal storage options (underground or over-ground) across multiple locations, a capital and ownership structure and road map for each option, and adjustments to the hydrocarbon legal and regulatory framework.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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