Govt will not allow anyone to challenge writ of state: AJK PM


Azad Jammu and Kashmir Prime Minister Chaudhry Anwar-ul-Haq has said that giving constitutional cover to the rights of people of Azad Kashmir is responsibility of the government which will be fulfilled on priority basis.

Addressing a news conference in Muzaffarabad on Sunday, he said holding the peaceful protest is the fundamental right of every citizen, but the government will not allow anyone to challenge the writ of state under the guise of protest.

The AJK Prime Minister strongly condemned and rejected the malicious campaign about the situation of Azad Kashmir being posted on social media saying that it has nothing to do with the reality.

He made it clear that the tax money collected from the people will be spent on them.

Anwarul Haq said there is no situation of anarchy in Azad Kashmir and peace prevails everywhere.

He categorically stated that no one will be allowed to disrupt peaceful atmosphere of Azad Kashmir.

He made it clear that the government is always ready to hold dialogue as doors of talks are always open with the protesters.

He said lawyers, traders, and members of civil society are our brothers and the government is ever ready to talk with them.

He said we are giving 1500 rupees subsidy on floor to the people while bearing 18 billion rupees on account of salary to the government employees.

He said we will end sense of deprivation of the people of Azad Kashmir.

Anwar ul Haq pledged to work for the betterment and welfare of the masses of the state with the consultation of allies.

Source: Radio Pakistan