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Govt Wants Domestic Oil Refineries to Upgrade to International Standards

A meeting to review progress on Draft Pakistan Oil Refining Policy 2021 was held at the Ministry of Finance on Tuesday. Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Mr. Shaukt Tarin, chaired the meeting. The meeting was attended by the Federal Minister for Power, SAPM on F&R, SAPM on Power, Secretary Finance, Secretary Petroleum, DG Oil, and representatives of oil refineries.

The Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue, Mr. Shaukat Tarin, during the meeting, said that the Prime Minister is very keen on progress in all sectors of the economy for sustainable growth. The energy sector is indeed very crucial to keep the cycle of the economy moving with ever-growing momentum.

Oil refineries in Pakistan have been the pillar of the energy security of the country, and now the government wants the domestic oil refineries to upgrade themselves at par with international standards. Modernization, efficiency, and environment-friendliness should be common characteristics of all oil refineries in Pakistan. The government of Pakistan is willing to extend all support permitted under the law and policy framework to this effect.

The representatives of oil refineries said that the oil refinery industry is ‘very happy’ due to the support and patronage provided by the government. They added that the entire oil refinery sector is ready to upgrade itself to international standards and a complete framework is ready in this regard. With the approval of the new Oil Refining Policy, the journey towards international standards will start.

The Federal Minister for Finance and Revenue directed the participants to work jointly to overcome all the hurdles in the formulation of the new Oil Refining Policy 2021 so that same may come into effect at the earliest.

Source: Pro Pakistani

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