flydubai and Air Canada Partnership Unlocks Multiple Travel Options Including Karachi


flydubai and Air Canada have joined forces in a code-sharing partnership, bringing a significant expansion of travel options between Canada and Middle East, East Africa, Indian Subcontinent, and Southern Asia.

This collaboration will introduce a minimum of 30 new destinations that are not currently served by Air Canada or its partner airlines.

Pending the necessary regulatory approval, Air Canada’s marketing code will be applied to nine routes operated by flydubai from Dubai. It means that passengers be able to book a single ticket to travel to these destinations.

The nine routes covered by this agreement include Bahrain, Karachi, Dammam, Jeddah, Madinah, Muscat, and Colombo.

flydubai and Air Canada have established an interline arrangement, allowing customers to connect in Dubai to over 60 destinations served by flydubai. This includes popular locations such as Djibouti, Kathmandu, and Maldives.

Additionally, the airlines have future plans to enhance the connection experience in Dubai. They are actively working on introducing additional features and benefits for members of each other’s loyalty programs, with details expected to be disclosed later this year.

Source: Pro Pakistani