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Promo video of Wuhan’s East Lake makes stunning appearance

WUHAN, China, Nov. 28, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– The promo video of the central Chinese city of Wuhan featuring its East Lake was unveiled at China International Friendship Cities Conference in November. Popular short video platforms and accounts in China, including the

Virgin Hyperloop One Chosen to Represent United States as Apex of Global Innovation at World’s Fair, Expo 2020, in Dubai

Virgin Hyperloop One will be showcased at event centered on mobility innovations transforming the global future First of its kind interactive exhibit will demonstrate how it would feel to move people and goods at unprecedented levels of efficiency and speed

د او آئي سي غړي هیوادونو اين ايم آر ايز د خوندي، اغیزمن او معیاري طبونو او واکسینونو ځان بسیا کولو په برخو کې د همکارۍ ژمنه کړې

جاکار تا، انډونيشيا، د ۲۶ نومبر۲۰۱۸/ انټارا – ایشیا نیټ / – “د اسلامي همکاریو سازمان (او آئي سي) غړي هیوادونو څخه د ملي درملو د تنظیم کولو اداره (اين ايم آر ايز) لومړی مشر” جاکارتا کې د ۲۱، ۲۲

Cisco Predicts More IP Traffic in the Next Five Years Than in the History of the Internet

SAN JOSE, Calif., Nov. 27, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The internet is made up of thousands of public and private networks around the world. And since it came to life in 1984, more than 4.7 zettabytes of IP traffic have

آئی ایف ایف سالانہ عالمی کانفرنس میں چین کے نقطۂ نظر پرعالمی اتفاق رائے

گوانگژو، چین، 26 نومبر 2018ء/سنہوا-ایشیانیٹ/– 15 ویں سالانہ عالمی کانفرنس انٹرنیشنل فائنانس فورم (آئی ایف ایف) 24 سے 25 نومبر کو جنوبی چین کے شہر گوانگژو میں منعقد ہوئی۔ عالمی مالیاتی نظام میں اصلاحات اور بین الاقوامی تعاون میں حصہ

Chinese Perspective Echoes Global Consensus at IFF Annual Global Conference

GUANGZHOU, China, Nov. 26, 2018 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– The 15th Annual Global Conference of International Finance Forum (IFF) was held in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou, from November 24 to 25. As a platform for China to contribute to the reform

OIC appreciates Bio Farma’s role in promoting Vaccine Self Reliance among OIC Member Countries

JAKARTA, Indonesia, November 26, 2018, /Antara-AsiaNet/– Delegations from Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) visited Bio Farma in Bandung, accompanied by Indonesia’s National Agency of Drug and Food Control (BPOM) representatives. President Director of Bio Farma M. Rahman Roestan said, “This

NMRAs of OIC Member States Committed to Cooperating Towards Safe, Efficacious and Standardized Medicine and Vaccines Self Reliance

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Nov. 26, 2018 /Antara-AsiaNet/– Following “The First Meeting of Head of National Medicines Regulatory Authority (NMRAs) from Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) Member States” event in Jakarta (21-22/11), all the members agreed to contribute towards achieving medicine and