Babar Azam’s Father Offers Babar’s Match Fee for Treatment of Injured Woman Cricketer


Babar Azam’s father, Azeem Siddique, has requested the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) to make immediate arrangements for the treatment of injured woman cricketer, Bisma Amjad. Siddique took to the popular social media platform, Instagram, to voice his concerns for the cricketer.

Siddique said that if other arrangements cannot be made then the PCB can pay for the treatment through Babar’s match-fee that he had received for Pakistan’s match against India in the 2021 T20 World Cup.

Siddique said, “[If] any individual who wears Pakistan’s star is helpless then the entire nation is helpless.” He requested PCB Chairman, Ramiz Raja, to take immediate action for the treatment of Bisma.

Last month, Bisma suffered a head injury during Pakistan’s practice session in Karachi and was shifted to a nearby hospital immediately. Bisma suffered from a concussion as the ball hit her head. According to reports, PCB refused to pay the medical bill of Rs. 54,000 which resulted in a lot of backlash on social media.

PCB revealed that they are looking after the well-being of Bisma but according to the rumor mill, the bill has still not been paid. It is also reported that Bisma’s condition has not improved and has been suffering for the past three days. Further details behind her health will be revealed after further scans.

Source: Pro Pakistani