ROSEN, GLOBALLY RESPECTED INVESTOR COUNSEL, Encourages Rite Aid Corporation Investors to Secure Counsel Before Important Deadline in Securities Class Action Commenced by the Firm – RAD

NEW YORK, March 31, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — WHY: Rosen Law Firm, a global investor rights law firm, reminds purchasers of the securities of Rite Aid Corporation (NYSE: RAD) between April 26, 2018 and March 13, 2023, both dates inclusive (the “Class Period”), of the important May 19, 2023 lead plaintiff deadline in the securities class action commenced by the firm.

SO WHAT: If you purchased Rite Aid securities during the Class Period you may be entitled to compensation without payment of any out of pocket fees or costs through a contingency fee arrangement.

WHAT TO DO NEXT: To join the Rite Aid class action, go to or call Phillip Kim, Esq. toll-free at 866-767-3653 or email or for information on the class action. A class action lawsuit has already been filed. If you wish to serve as lead plaintiff, you must move the Court no later than May 19, 2023. A lead plaintiff is a representative party acting on behalf of other class members in directing the litigation.

WHY ROSEN LAW: We encourage investors to select qualified counsel with a track record of success in leadership roles. Often, firms issuing notices do not have comparable experience, resources or any meaningful peer recognition. Many of these firms do not actually litigate securities class actions, but are merely middlemen that refer clients or partner with law firms that actually litigate the cases. Be wise in selecting counsel. The Rosen Law Firm represents investors throughout the globe, concentrating its practice in securities class actions and shareholder derivative litigation. Rosen Law Firm has achieved the largest ever securities class action settlement against a Chinese Company. Rosen Law Firm was Ranked No. 1 by ISS Securities Class Action Services for number of securities class action settlements in 2017. The firm has been ranked in the top 4 each year since 2013 and has recovered hundreds of millions of dollars for investors. In 2019 alone the firm secured over $438 million for investors. In 2020, founding partner Laurence Rosen was named by law360 as a Titan of Plaintiffs’ Bar. Many of the firm’s attorneys have been recognized by Lawdragon and Super Lawyers.

DETAILS OF THE CASE: According to the lawsuit, defendants throughout the Class Period made false and/or misleading statements and/or failed to disclose that: (1) Until at least June 2019, Rite Aid filled at least hundreds of thousands of unlawful prescriptions for controlled substances that lacked a legitimate medical purpose, including for potentially lethal opioids such as oxycodone and fentanyl; (2) Rite Aid pharmacists filled these prescriptions despite clear “red flags” that indicated that the prescriptions were unlawful; (3) Rite Aid ignored evidence that its stores were dispensing unlawful prescriptions, and intentionally deleted internal notes about suspicious prescribers written by concerned pharmacists; (4) by knowingly filling unlawful prescriptions for controlled substances, Rite Aid violated the Controlled Substances Act and, where Rite Aid sought reimbursement from federal healthcare programs, also violated the False Claims Act; (5) as a result, it was at risk of prosecution by federal authorities such as the United States Department of Justice (“DOJ”) and (6) as a result, Defendants’ statements about its business, operations, and prospects, were materially false and misleading and/or lacked a reasonable basis at all times. When the true details entered the market, the lawsuit claims that investors suffered damages.

To join the Rite Aid class action, go to or call Phillip Kim, Esq. toll-free at 866-767-3653 or email or for information on the class action.

No Class Has Been Certified. Until a class is certified, you are not represented by counsel unless you retain one. You may select counsel of your choice. You may also remain an absent class member and do nothing at this point. An investor’s ability to share in any potential future recovery is not dependent upon serving as lead plaintiff.

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‫ہیز پیونی انٹرنیشنل کمیونیکیشن فورم 9 اپریل کو منعقد ہوگا، جہاں دنیا کے ساتھ پیونی کی کہانی شیئر ہو گی

ہیز، چین، 31 مارچ 2023/ژنہوا-ایشیانیٹ/– ہیز پیونی انٹرنیشنل کمیونیکیشن فورم 9 اپریل کو ہیز کے ہیومینگٹائی میں منعقد ہوگا، جس کی میزبانی سی پی سی شانڈونگ صوبائی کمیٹی کے پبلسٹی ڈپارٹمنٹ اور چائنا فارن لینگوئج پبلشنگ ایڈمنسٹریشن کریں گے۔

پیونی ‘چینی دارالحکومت پیونی’ کے سب سے عام کاروباری کارڈ کے طور پر خوبصورت اور باوقار ہے — ہیز، مہمان نواز، شانڈونگ کا ایک مشہور سیاحتی برانڈ اور چینی خصوصیات سے مالا مال ایک ثقافتی علامت ہے جسے دنیا بھر میں فروغ دیا جائے گا۔ ‘ایک چینی ثقافتی شناخت کی تخلیق اور دنیا کے ساتھ ہیز پیونی کی کہانی کا اشتراک’ کے عنوان سے اس فورم کا مقصد ہیز پیونی کی بین الاقوامی مواصلات کو فروغ دینا اور باہمی تبادلے، کثیر صنعتی انضمام اور شہر کے اثر ورسوخ کو مضبوط بنانے کے لیے  پیونی کلچر پلیٹ فارم بنانا ہے۔

ہیز پیونی انٹرنیشنل کمیونیکیشن فورم

ہیز کی عوامی حکومت کے دی نیوز آفس کے مطابق ، فورم بنیادی طور پر ‘1+ 6+ این ‘ پر مشتمل ہے ، جہاں ‘1’ سے مراد تھیم پر مبنی فورم ہے۔ اہم مہمانوں کو مدعو کیا جائے گا کہ وہ دنیا کے پیٹرن پر مختلف زاویوں اور جہتوں سے نئے خیالات، نظریات اور فیصلوں کا تبادلہ کریں اور چین کی آواز سنائیں۔ ‘6’ سے مراد فورم کے چھ حصے ہیں، یعنی کامیابیوں کی نمائش، افتتاحی تقریب، کلیدی تقاریر، گول میز سیمینار، ‘کلچرل کمیونیکیشن اینڈ انوویشن بیس۔ پیونی کلچر انٹرنیشنل کمیونیکیشن سینٹر’ کی دستخطی تقریب، بیرون ملک پیونی گارڈن کی تعمیر کے اقدام کا آغازکرنا۔ ‘این’ سے مراد متعدد سرگرمیاں ہیں جیسے فورم سے پہلے مشاہداتی دورے، تھیم پر مبنی سیمینارز، میڈیا رپورٹس، غیر ملکی انٹرنیٹ سیلیبریٹی اور انفلوئنسر کے دورے، بین الاقوامی دوستوں کے لیے ‘پیونی ٹی پارٹی’۔  ہیز کی پیونی اور خصوصی صنعتوں کے ساتھ قریبی طور پر ملایا جائے گا۔ مہمانوں اور رپورٹروں کو پیونی باغ کا شاندار تجربہ حاصل کرنے ، پیونی صنعت کا سروے کرنے اور خصوصی نمائش ہال کا دورہ کرنے کے لئے مدعو کیا جائے گا۔

بین الاقوامی فورم ایک بین الاقوامی پیونی برانڈ کی تشکیل اور پیونی ثقافت کے بین الاقوامی مواصلات کو فروغ دے گا۔ سی پی سی کمیٹی اور ہیز کی حکومت نے اس تقریب کو بہت اہمیت دی ہے اور تقریب کی تیاریوں کو فروغ دینے کے لئے ہر ممکن کوشش کی ہے۔ ہیز دنیا بھر کے مہمانوں اور زائرین کا گرمجوشی سے استقبال کریں گے اور انہیں ‘چینی دارالحکومت پیونی’ کی دلکشی کی تعریف کرنے کی دعوت دیں گے۔

ماخذ: ہیز کی عوامی حکومت کا دی نیوز آفس

تصویر منسلک کرنے کےلنکس:


Heze Peony International Communication Forum to Be Held on April 9, Sharing the Story of Peony with the World

HEZE, China, March 31, 2023 /Xinhua-AsiaNet/– The Heze Peony International Communication Forum will be held at Huimengtai of Heze on April 9, hosted by the Publicity Department of the CPC Shandong Provincial Committee and the China Foreign Language Publishing Administration.

Peony is beautiful, dignified and graceful as the most typical business card of the ‘Chinese Capital of Peony’ — Heze, a famous tourism brand of Hospitable Shandong and a cultural symbol rich in Chinese characteristics to be promoted worldwide. Themed ‘Creating a Chinese Cultural Identity and Sharing the Story of Heze Peony with the World’, the forum aims to promote the international communication of Heze peony and build a peony culture platform for strengthening mutual exchange, multi-industry integration and the city’s influence.

Heze Peony International Communication Forum

According to The News Office of the People’s Government of Heze, the forum is mainly composed of ‘1+6+N’, where ‘1’ refers to a themed forum. Important guests will be invited to exchange new thoughts, ideas and judgments from different angles and dimensions on the world’s pattern and make the voice of China heard. ‘6’ refers to the six segments of the forum, namely the exhibition of achievements, the opening ceremony, keynote speeches, round-table seminars, the signing ceremony of ‘Cultural Communication and Innovation Cooperation Base – Peony Culture International Communication Center’, the launching of the initiative of peony garden construction overseas. ‘N’ refers to a series of activities such as observation trips before the forum, themed seminars, media reports, foreign internet celebrity and influencer trips, ‘Peony Tea Party’ for international friends. Various activities will be closely combined with the peony and special industries of Heze. The guests and reporters will be invited to have an immersive experience of the peony garden, survey the peony industry and visit the special exhibition halls.

The international forum will promote the shaping of an international peony brand and the international communication of peony culture. The CPC Committee and government of Heze have attached high importance to the event, going all out to promote the preparations for the event. Heze will warmly welcome guests and visitors from around the world and invite them appreciate the charm of the ‘Chinese Capital of Peony’.

Source: The News Office of the People’s Government of Heze

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2023 Digital Therapeutics Alliance Inaugural Summit: DTx Industry Leaders Gather to Transform Global Healthcare

Held at the Washington D.C. Marriott at Metro Center June 7 – 9, 2023.The 3-day Summit programming will be facilitated by leaders from all facets of the DTx industry, including policymakers, manufacturers, payors, and other experts to guide innovation and equity in healthcare.

Arlington, VA, March 30, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) is hosting its Inaugural Summit on June 7-9, 2023 at the Washington Marriott at Metro Center. Leaders from all facets of the digital therapeutics (DTx) ecosystem, including policymakers, clinicians, and payors, will join DTA members to discuss the challenges and opportunities of DTx integration into the healthcare system and identify optimized policy, reimbursement, and regulatory pathways to accelerate adoption.

The 3-day Summit programming will be facilitated by Andy Molnar, Chief Executive Officer of DTA, and feature keynote presentations, panel discussions, and interactive sessions that cover the advancement of DTx, the impact of healthcare policy, reimbursement and regulatory pathways, clinical evidence requirements, and patient access optimization.

DTA’s Chief Executive Officer, Andy Molnar states: “We are here to transform healthcare and deliver a new category of medicine to patients to improve their lives. The 2023 DTA Inaugural Summit brings together the leaders in healthcare innovation that are making these monumental changes. We are building viable frameworks with partners from Capitol Hill, the investment ecosystem, clinicians, health plans, patients, and caregivers.”

DTx products use evidence-based, clinically evaluated technologies to optimize clinical and health economic outcomes, deliver high quality therapies to underserved populations, and transform how patients understand, manage, and engage in their healthcare.

Leading into the Summit, US-focused DTA members and staff will convene in Washington D.C. to meet with congressional members and other influential parties to advocate for the Access to Prescription Digital Therapeutics Act (S. 723 and H.R. 1458).This bill seeks to create a new benefit category for digital therapeutics and ensure permanent coverage and reimbursement of DTx products by Medicare and Medicaid.

Everett Crosland, DTA board member and Chief Commercial Officer for Cognito Therapeutics, commented, “Given the rapidly evolving reimbursement environment, DTA’s 2023 Inaugural Summit offers the DTx industry an unprecedented opportunity to engage and advocate on the issues that matter most to our companies, patients, providers, and payor partners. I’m excited to speak about the emerging frameworks that are shaping our future.”

Event details and registration: 2023 DTA Inaugural Summit 

About DTA:

The Digital Therapeutics Alliance (DTA) is a global non-profit trade association of industry leaders and stakeholders with the mission of broadening the understanding, adoption, and integration of digital therapeutics into healthcare. DTA works to enable expanded access to high quality, evidence-based digital therapeutics for patients, clinicians, and payors to improve clinical and health economic outcomes. To learn more, please visit: and follow us on LinkedIn.


Autumn Brennan
Digital Therapeutics Alliance

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China’s Meitu sees 25.2 percent revenue growth in 2022

Chinese internet company Meitu on Thursday said it generated over 2.08 billion yuan (about 302 million U.S. dollars) in revenue in 2022, up 25.2 percent year on year.

Meitu recorded an adjusted net profit of 111 million yuan last year, up 29.9 percent year on year.

Meitu's VIP subscription service saw strong growth last year amid surging demand for AI-generated content, achieving a revenue of 782 million yuan, up 57.4 percent, according to the company's annual report.

Its revenue from the image software as a service (SaaS) business totaled 463 million yuan, and the revenue from online advertising hit 596 million yuan.

Founded in October 2008, Meitu is an AI-driven technology company that aims to "beautify" users with its image products and beauty management services.

Source: Xinhua Finance Agency