Pakistan was progressing fast to become economic power during my tenure, says Nawaz

PML-N Supremo and former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif says Pakistan, during his tenure, had been progressing fast to become an economic power.

Talking to media along with PML-N Vice Resident Maryam Nawaz in London on Sunday, he said his government had ended electricity load-shedding, built motorways, created employment opportunities and restored peace by defeating terrorism. However, he said, all these achievements were reversed by Imran Khan.

Nawaz Sharif said we had come out of the IMF program, but Imran Khan again took the country to the IMF clutches and made people suffer due to soaring dollar value and high inflation. 

The PML-N Quaid said not only economic and infrastructure development was carried out, but the country’s defence was also made invincible during his term, by categorically stating “absolutely not” to the US bait of five billion dollars for not conducting nuclear explosions.

Answering a question, Nawaz Sharif regretted that fake cases had been registered against him, and he was removed as Prime Minister for not taking salary from his son.

Source: Radio Pakistan

President, PM urge nation to follow teachings of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH)

President Dr Arif Alvi and Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif, in their separate messages on Eid Milad-Un-Nabi (SAWW), have urged the nation to follow the life and teachings of Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatam-Un-Nabiyeen (SAWW) to bring peace in the society and country.

The President, in his message, said the birth of Holy Prophet Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatam un Nabiyeen Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Alayhee Wa Ashabehi Wassalam is the promise of healing for humanity.

He said our Prophet (PBUH) eliminated slavery and brought justice in society.

The Prime Minister, in his message, said the humanity was waiting for centuries for the arrival of our Prophet Muhammad Rasool Allah Khatam-Un-Nabiyeen (SAWW) so that he could dismiss dark clouds of ignorance, oppression, cruelty and exploitation.

He said Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was a guide, support and refuge for the oppressed, needy, orphans, widows, poor and slaves.

Source: Radio Pakistan

At UN, Pakistan reaffirms its commitment to empower women in all walks of life

At the United Nations, Pakistan has reaffirmed its commitment to empower women in all walks of life.

Speaking at a debate in the UN Security Council, a counselor at the Pakistan Mission to the UN, Saima Saleem said Pakistan is a strong country and a resilient nation because of the power of empowered women, who break glass ceiling in all fields and have become agents of change.

She urged to mobilize political will and necessary resources to take critical decisions and to empower all women and girls to prevent humanity from moving towards the path of destroying the hospitality of our planet.

The Pakistani delegate also drew attention to the national climate change policy that is gender sensitive and caters to the needs of women and girls in the wake of climate-induced disasters.

Source: Radio Pakistan